Baby Bump Brazilian

Baby Bump Brazilian

Baby Bump Brazilian

Congratulations! You are expecting, and your body is changing by the minute. Your hormones are on high, and your hair is growing like its on steroids.

So, you may ask yourself, what do I do about the hair down there. As your baby bump begins to bloom, it will become more and more difficult to maintain personal self-grooming.

We have heard all kinds of heroic stories…our expecting clients take matters into their own hands or entrust a pair of scissors or a razor to their fearless husband for a quick trim. The stories go from heroic to horrific very quickly, and we don’t recommend at-home grooming while expecting.

So what’s an expectant mom to do?

Book an appointment with a licensed esthetician who specializes in Brazilian waxing and more importantly in waxing expectant moms.  Whether you want a simple bikini wax or the full monty, we provide the expertise to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Waxing can be painful whether you are pregnant or not.  Many of our expectant clients enjoy booking a Baby Bump Brazilian followed by a pregnancy massage. It’s a great way to plan a day at Beach Beauty Bar when you are expecting.

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