Canine Massage


Canine & Companion Massage

If you have ever visited Beach Beauty Bar, you know how much we love our animals! And, we tend to attract clients who also love furry friends.

Beach Beauty Bar is thrilled to offer canine and companion massage. You and your beloved dog will each receive a 60-minute relaxing massage, simultaneously. Massage treatments restore, maintain and enhance you and your dogs overall health and well-being.

You will relax into a warm and cozy massage table, while your dog gets comfortable on a cushy floor bed. A licensed massage therapist will work the tension out of your body while a licensed canine massage therapists works on your friend.

One hour treatment – $180

Giving Back
A portion of each canine and companion massage treatment is donated to Boston Buddies rescue.

• Inactive Dogs
• Senior Dogs
• Dogs Suffering from Arthritis and/or Hip Dysplasia
• Dogs Recovering from an Injury or Surgery
• Anxious Dogs in Need of Relaxation and Calming
• Performance/Working Dogs
• Competitive/Show Dogs