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Acne Clinic


We spread love and confidence one acne treatment at a time.

Beach Beauty Bar and Acne Clinic is the premier private acne clinic in Orange County, Ca. Specializing in holistic skin care, we work with our clients and parents of clients to adopt a new acne-free lifestyle. We clear acne by using gentle products and without using harsh chemicals or toxic drugs. We provide clinical acne treatments in Huntington Beach, California.

Our team of acne specialists work together to provide the best care and support for our clients.

We believe in educating our clients about all lifestyle habits that may be contributing to their congestion.

It is common for our clients to achieve a clear and beautiful complexion—a complexion that has their friends asking what they do for their skincare routine. It simply makes our hearts soar for our clients new-found confidence.

Click here to learn more about our extensive acne clearing program.


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