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I can’t recommend this place enough! This place SAVED my painful hormonal acne. I was about to get on accutane because nothing was helping and I was desperate. This before and after was a time frame of 4-6months of treatment using their product, facials, and clean eating. So worth the investment. That was about 2 years ago, my face is now butter smooth with no acne scars. I still use their products to this day and I don’t even live in California anymore. If you have any sort of acne, this is the place!
Response from the owner: Kenzie! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! We are so happy that you are living and loving an acne free life! Thanks again!
I cannot thank Renee enough for my clear skin!I started working with BBB virtually back in AUG of last year (2023). After experiencing some really bad...
Rene is the best there is. She's calm, cool, and collected. She's fierce and knowledgeable. She's spiritually wise and she has an aura of wellness. Simple...
Renee at Beach Beauty Bar is my skin savor! After 6 years of endless online research, 2 dermatologists, dietary changes, oral and topical antibiotics, Spironolactone, different retinoids, discussions of Accutane and Skinceutical/Dermalogica products tried and failed over 6 years, Renee worked her virtual magic to clear the persistent/painful adult cystic chin acne. I came across Beach Beauty Bar and Acne Clinic in CA during my nightly skin research, and subscribed to their email subscription earlier this year. I made my Initial Virtual Acne Consult with Renee in November from NJ, and saw immediate results. Renee is caring and attentive. She helped me plan my AM and PM skin care routine, and answers all my questions. Their products smell amazing, and can be felt after application. Beach Beauty Bar and Acne Clinic Virtual Care is the way to go for clear skin! I am thrilled with my results! If you’re on the fence about their Virtual Acne Program, I would highly recommend - wish I found Beach Beauty Bar and Acne Clinic sooner, because adult acne is not fun.
Response from the owner: Thank you Maddie! It’s been such a joy to get to know you and to help you clear your acne from across the country. I’m loving that you’re getting compliments on your skin!
Beach Beauty Bar has helped me and my entire family with our acne prone skin. I first treated with Beach Beauty Bar for my adult acne. The products are amazing.When my two children started breaking out in their teens, I immediately got them in to the Beauty Bar and they were able to pot them on a skincare program that has kept them clear all through high school. We love Beach Beauty Bar and Beach Clean products.
Response from the owner: Thank you Robin! We have loved working with the Trexler family and keeping you clear for more than five years now! Wow!
I rarely write reviews but I couldn't not leave a review here!! This has been the best investment I've ever made in my health/skin. I've dealt with hormonal acne for almost ten years. I've masked it with prescriptions and birth control but have never gotten down to the root cause. I started to notice significant differences in my skin after just my first visit here. After about 6 weeks my skin is completely clear (still get the typical small zits here and there). I'm honestly mind blown and would recommend her to anyone struggling with acne. She pinpoints easy changes in lifestyle, diet, beauty products and skin regimen that make the world of a difference. Can't say enough good things
Response from the owner: Christine, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others. We appreciate your kind words and are so thrilled that we uncovered the root causes of your breakouts. Cheers to clear! Rene
Was blessed as a teenager to have beautiful skin with no acne but then in my 20's-40's I was constantly battling horrible, painful cycstic acne on my chin that has left me with scars and very uneven skin tone. I just had my first facial in over 20+ years with Sammy and it was terrific. My skin feels and looks better and more evenly toned in just one day! So excited to continue with their protocol.
Response from the owner: Cheryl, thank you so much for this lovely review. Sammy enjoyed meeting you and helping you with your skin!
Beach Beauty Bar and Clinic is my skin saver. I have been suffering from hormonal acne for more than 20 years (ever since puberty). I tried all products, from the drug store to luxury brands. I also seeked treatments from many clinics and dermatologists. Yet, nothing worked. Until I came across Beach Beauty Bar and Clinic on Yelp and gave it a try. Rene and Samantha saved my skin. They recommended me products to use and advised me to adjust my diet and lifestyles. And it works magically after only about 6 weeks. Now, after almost 3 years using their products and following their recommendations on diet and cleaning, I can say I'm in control of my skin. I still have acne here and there but I know why I got it and know how to stop having breakouts. My family, friends and acquaintances all notice the positive transformation of my skin. I'm forever grateful to Rene who was the pioneer of the clinic. I wish I found Beach Beauty Bar earlier. Every time I see people who suffer from acne like me, I refer them to the clinic because I understand how frustrating and painful it is to have acne on your face. Check the Clinic out! It works for me and I hope it works for you as well!!Cheers to clear skin!
Great experience. Both my daughter and I have gone to Rene and Samantha. Our skin is nice and clear now!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Liz!
Great service and Samantha is very precise when it comes to brows! She does an amazing job every time and will continue to go back!
I have been going here for almost 3 years for waxing and Samantha has been amazing! Everything is so clean and she does such a good and careful job
Response from the owner: Thank you Amalia! We love having you!
I cant say enough good things about Beach Beauty Bar! Sammy and Rene are simply the best! Sammy always saves me as I call it-she does the most fabulous job...
Rene and Sammy are skin miracle workers. After struggling with acne since I was 12 years old and at its worst at age 25, I had an extremely negative mindset...
The products are very good.After going there now my Acne is much better
These ladies are amazing and have helped me so much with clearing my skin. I am forever grateful and I am so happy I found them and their lovely beach clinic 😍
Great experience. Samantha provided a comfortable and relaxed visit. She explained everything in a informative and understandable way!
I wish I had found Beach Beauty Bar for my son when he was in high school. He suffered from terrible acne that carried into his college years and nothing, not even Accutane, helped. After one treatment at Beach Beauty Bar by Rene, his face looked amazing! She took the time to go through the products he used and foods he ate that were the root cause of his acne. (I don't understand why dermatologists don't do this!) After making a few minor lifestyle & product changes changes coupled with her treatment, my son is well on his way to unblemished skin. I can't thank Rene enough!
They are best! Great facials, great products. A must go to!
Rene knows her stuff. Relaxing visit. Answered all my questions. I feel confident with her plan. Now time to execute.
Moved to the area about a year ago, I was so nervous about finding some where to get waxed. Luckily for me I found this place, Sammy has been doing an amazing job ever since. I also appreciate feeling safe through these covid times, they follow precautions and they put my mind at ease. Such an amazing small business!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Irlanda! We appreciate you.
Rene is the best! She provided facials for both of my teens in the past month and they loved it! It was their first facials and Rene made them feel so at ease....she's very knowledgeable about Acne prone skin. She sat down with my wife and I to review the form we filled out going over diet and what skin and hair products to use and remove.Would highly recommend Rene and her Spa for facials!
Rene and Sammy are skin miracle workers. After struggling with acne the majority of my life, I had an extremely negative mindset on being able to clear my skin. I was blessed when my parents stumbled upon Beach Beauty Bar hand sanitizer at our local coffee shop (HB Corner Market is the BEST!). I had my doubts, which Rene and Sammy countered with utmost positivity and confidence on their abilities. Within months I was clear of breakouts and almost 9 months later, you can barely tell I've ever had one blemish. Their products are amazing. Their services are amazing. And most importantly, as individuals, they are AMAZING. This is the best investment you can make for yourself. Please do not hesitate and make the switch to Beach Beauty Bar.
I have been going to Beach Beauty Bar on and off over several years; only because I moved out of the area - but now I am back! What a refreshing approach to taking care of people. Rene and the entire team are fantastic and their service is outstanding. I am glad to back Rene!
Response from the owner: Hi Holly! We are so glad to have you back now that you’re back in HB! Thank you for this wonderful review. 😊
Hidden gem! Great spot for brows, Samantha was fantastic and knew exactly what to do without any direction. The salon is tucked away on the second story of a building off PCH and is clean and peaceful.
Rene is SO knowledgeable about skincare. If you are struggling to get your acne under control and need a trusted person to turn to, she is your girl!
Rene and Sammy are literal angels sent from God. I have been struggling with cystic acne for over a decade. It killed me...I did all the antibiotics, birth controls, fancy skin care, nomad skin care, nothing skin care, beauty guru advice. I am a nutritional therapist and eat a very nutrient dense, organic healthy diet...My body felt great and so did my mind, but my skin was getting worse. It got so bad that I reluctantly got on Accutane. I was on a very high dose of Accutane for 9 months, I was clear for about a year and then it came back. I know the emotional pain and isolation and devastation of acne. Not believing anything will work, because nothing ever has... Well I happened to search the hashtag "OCACNE" on instagram or something like that, and came across these women. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my battle with acne was over. I have never loved skincare products more. I have never enjoyed going to see someone about my skin more. They KNOW acne... They get the emotional pain of it... Rene is always so responsive, gives you the push you need if you're offtrack, but the love and encouragement to continue. I am telling everyone about them because this was my missing piece. I stopped listening to "instagrammers" who never saw my skin and who don't have an education in skin and took myself and my acne to Beach Beauty Bar and got the 1:1 personalized skin consult, products, and attention that I needed. I would have saved THOUSANDS if I had found them years ago. I am not one to like to buy product lines and special make up, but I decided whatever Rene recommended, I was going to do because I wanted clear skin and thats what shes there to help you achieve. Pay the money now, your skin and wallet will thank you. You don't have to wonder anymore if a product is working for anymore...Persistent acne is a truly holistic battle; there is no silver bullet, you have to get the mindset, lifestyle, and products right. Be consistent and be kind to yourself. I will forever be grateful to Rene, Sammy, and Stitch 🙂
You know a place is amazing when you live half way across the country and still use their services! Rene helped me and my husband right before our wedding clear our skin. As the bride, having large cystic acne on my neck was not an option for the big day! My husband had razor burn acne and Rene helped us clear all of it! We never felt so confident and flawless as we did on our big day thanks to BBB!Rene and her team care! They are committed to finding the custom routine that will help achieve clear skin for the LONG TERM! Since starting Rene's program, I haven't had one outbreak since.Miracle workers! Highly highly recommend. Thank you Rene and team for making us clear and confident for our special day and many more after that 🙂
I can’t speak highly enough about Rene and Sammy. My daughter’s skin has greatly improved in just 2 months...and, she feels better about herself! Rene and Sammy have been so supportive and are fun to be around. I would highly recommend their program to anyone who suffers with acne!
Response from the owner: Jen...thank you sooo much! We love the transformation Kylie has made and love all of the fun foods you are exploring to help her in her journey. Thanks again!
I have used Beach Beauty Bar daily moisturizer and sunscreen for a year now and absolutely love both of these products! They are high quality and best of all keep my skin healthy and clear from breakouts.
I will forever be grateful to Rene for helping me clear my skin! 3 months or so before my wedding I suffered from awful hormonal acne, which was frustrating because I felt I took care of my skin and was diligent with my skincare routine, diet and hydration!We Skyped and discussed potential causes of my acne and changed my routine, from both external triggers, like overhauling skincare and household products, to internal issues, like hormones and birth control.Rene sent me a list of all acne- triggering chemicals in common skin care and hair care products so I could purchase safe house hold products, makeup, foods, etc. She also formulated a day and night skincare routine to help reduce inflammation, nip hormonal acne from popping up, and overall change the appearance and clarity of my skin with her line of products. The process was certainly more involved than what I had previously done, but certainly manageable and worth the extra couple of minutes!Having used various dermatologist skin care lines, I was skeptical at first of the efficacy of her products- nothing had worked for me before, so why would these products suddenly work? After a few months of being very diligent and mindful of my routine and other factors, my skin cleared up! Even through my honeymoon to Italy with wine, pasta and cheese my skin has remained clearer than it has been in years!I am so confident about my skin now and don’t feel the need to cover it up! If you are struggling with acne, hurry up and call Beach Beauty Bar!
Renee and Samantha completely cleared my skin up. I’ve battled with acne every day of my life for 19 years. The products are great, the treatments are great, and they are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them! I’ll continue using these products for a very long time.
Always happy with end results. Professional and caring.
Hi everyone! If you are reading this review most likely you are a parent or is someone who is suffering from acne! Please take the time to schedule your consultation with Rene! I would highly recommend Rene, she is very knowledgeable and knows her trait! Rene isn't just an Acne Care Specialist but she is very kind and cares about the well being of her clients. On several occasions she has text just to see how my daughter Unique is doing with the routine of her skin care. We came to Rene almost 4 months ago. Prior to coming to Rene we tried EVERYTHING! that we could possibly think of and nothing worked😕 it only irritated her skin and made it worse. I paid so much for my daughter to see a dermatologist and it simply didn't work, over the counter creams, face wash, soaps, scrubs, Proactiv and etc....I really wish we would have found Rene sooner, not only has the treatment helped my daughters face, the inflammation has gone down tremendously. All of the treatments that used at Beach Beauty are gentle to her skin and no harsh chemicals are used. Unique's face looks great and we are so greatful to Rene!Please don't waste anymore time and schedule your appointment, I promise you will not regret it!!
Response from the owner: Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. It has been such a pleasure working with you and Unique. Thank you for making the long trek to see me every two weeks. It’s wonderful to see Unique clear and beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing Beach Beauty Bar.
Rene at Beach Beauty Bar was so incredibly helpful! I experienced an acne breakout on my chin and she was able to sooth and clear it up quickly. What a warm and knowledgeable staff. Thank you Beach Beauty Bar!
Response from the owner: Thank you Sussanna! It is our pleasure.
This is the only skin care I trust. I have really sensitive skin. So may other’s just try to sell me whatever and my skin ends up breaking out. The beach beauty bar staff is truly looking out for me AND they are the best at eyebrows!!! You can tell they love what they do.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Travis!
I cannot say enough about our experience with Rene and Beach Beauty Bar and Acne Clinic. I have been searching for a few years for help with my son’s acne. We have gone to dermatologists and pediatric doctors and things just seemed to get worse. They all wanted to put him on medication. I finally stumbled across Rene and I can’t believe we were searching for so long for a solution to his skin issues. Rene is a consummate professional. She is a personal skincare coach to me and to my son. I have learned so much about what I can do as a mother to help alleviate his acne. I needed to be taught the ins and outs of acne. She provides her cell number and is available at any moment for a quick text question or phone call. My son is finally clear and his confidence is through the roof. Rene truly cares about me and my son. She is compassionate and so knowledgeable.
Response from the owner: Thank you Danielle! It’s a pleasure working with you and Jackson.
Beach Beauty Bar thank you so much for an amazing 90 minute deep tissue massage! Renee... Heather work out allot of my Knott's and destress me hugely. I even feel asleep during my massage. Atmosphere is clean, very relaxing, soothing music, therapist are very professional: they ask questions about what you need, strength of massage soft medium or deep tissue, and are very quite during the massage. I diffently will be a returning client!
I don’t even know where to begin! Back in January I randomly started breaking out all over my face (especially around my cheeks). I tried everything and nothing was working...I became hopeless until I found beach beauty bar. Rene is so helpful and she ACTUALLY cares about you and your skin. If you have any questions she is there to answer them. She literally is THE best. By the fourth month, my skin was free of acne completely. I am now going in once a month to maintain any future breakouts. Come here, you won’t regret it!
Response from the owner: Joanne...it’s been such a pleasure helping you get clear. I am so thrilled that you are in the maintenance phase! Thank you for your kind comments. Rene
Rene is the best! So professional and experienced in getting rid of acne. Every visit I leave with another actionable tip to prevent breakouts - last time we dissected my protein powder since some powders have acne causing ingredients. Now that I’m acne free I continue going for peels to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars
Response from the owner: Thanks Mrs. Wiseman! I’m so glad that your skin was perfect for your wedding day! And, I love being a skin detective...uncovering all of the things in life that contribute to acne. Thanks for the great review and for trusting me with your skin.
I have been bringing my son in for acne treatments. It is the best decision I’ve made. The products and program they utilize is great, best we have found for truly clearing his acne. Thank you Rene!
Response from the owner: Thank you Britton! It's been a pleasure to work with you and Cooper to finally clear his skin once and for all.
Rene is so nice, friendly, and upbeat. Quick and easy service. Professional and thorough.
Rene and her support staff provide quality and value. I highly recommend Beach Beauty Bar for massage. Excellent services every time.
Renee is fabulous! Not only does she give me perfect brows every time, she helped my son with his teenage acne. The facial products are amazing, it took about a week, but his face is completely clear and he looks great!
I love this place! My brows were a mess before I starting going to Rene regularly. Now, I can't stop looking at them! It is such a relaxing experience (yes, even waxing can be relaxing) in this adorable space and I love checking out all of the latest products. Thank you!!
I've visited Beach Beauty Bar several times as they've always done great with my sensitive skin. I stopped in a couple of weeks ago as I was struggling with an acne breakout and Rene was so helpful in recommending the Face Reality Line that she carries as well as a facial treatment. Not only did she do that, she also went above and beyond and even recommended some makeup brands that I could purchase at Sephora that would go well with the new skin regimen. I HIGHLY recommend!
Amazing staff, well educated, and fun atmosphere!
Renee tinted and shaped my eybrows and they look great! Highly recommended and she was so sweet!
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