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Consciously Clear Training

Quick Start to Clear Skin

Congratulations on choosing to get clear…your commitment and dedication to this program are going to change your life, and we can’t wait to guide you on your journey.

Included below are files and videos to answer some of the most-asked questions we receive. 

If you are working with us in-clinic, you have already received your customized skincare products. If you are a virtual client, be sure you filled out your Acne Consultation Form and your customized products are on their way. Once you receive them, please review the directions carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Let’s get started.

  1. Watch the Welcome and Quick Start Guide Video.
  2. Review the below files and begin incorporating the recommendations Immediately:
    • Clear Skin Lifestyle
    • Clear Skin Nutrition
    • Laundry List for Clear Skin
  3. Review your shampoo, conditioner and makeup ingredients against our Pore Clogging List. If you find one ingredient on the pore clogging list in a product, it is not safe for you to use. You can begin replacing your pore-clogging products by shopping with our acne-safe shopping list. (passcode: confidence)

Again, so glad you are here.

Cheers to clear!

— Rene and Sammy


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Clear Skin

Clear Skin

Laundry List
for Clear Skin

Fish Oil

Pore Clogging


Shopping List
for Clear Skin

(passcode: confidence)

Birth Control


Welcome and Quick Start Guide

Cleaning Your Face and Using Our Products

Clear Skin Nutrition

Clear Skin Lifestyle Changes

Identifying Pore Clogging Ingredients

Combatting Dry Skin Tips While Clearing

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

At Home Peel Treatments

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