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Virtual Acne Program

Ready to have clear skin and rocking confidence?

You have landed in the perfect place! We work with people nationwide to clear their acne. Check out this video to experience a virtual consultation with Breezy and her mom Lisa to see what it’s like first hand! Then simply take the first step to sign up for a consultation which can happen from anywhere you have a good internet connection!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal clear-skin coach to guide you in getting clear? Wouldn’t it be great to stop Googling and be provided the answers to all of your questions by an acne clearing expert?

If you have tried everything and feel there is no hope to clear your acne. Please think again. We clear clients who have tried everything from Accutane to oral antibiotics to very aggressive extractions. We understand acne and have been clearing it for many years.

Our acne clients range in age from 12 to 65. We are versed in all forms of acne, including hormonal acne developed in the teens to perimenopausal acne in the 40’s and 50’s. We also treat and understand the hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy and postpartum.

Rene and Sammy

We’re Rene and Sammy, your clear-skin coaches. Obsessive about skincare, compassionate about our clients and merciless over acne, we take no prisoners in this war on pimples, pustules and comedones. We help our clients go from broken-out and broken-hearted to clear and confident. It is our passion and nothing gives us greater pleasure than clearing acne.

If you are tired of searching and trying to put some type of magic formula together to clear your acne, this program is a great solution. We take all of the guesswork out of clearing and teach you how to be acne-free the rest of your life.

We are currently accepting new clients through our renowned Virtual Clearing Program. We have been helping clients throughout the US to clear their skin virtually for years. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Book Your Appointment” button at the top of our website, and choose “Virtual Consultation.”
    (A credit card is required to schedule an appointment, but it will not be charged until we meet online.)
  2. You will receive an email confirmation from us–follow the link to fill out the acne registration form.
  3. Meet Rene or Sammy online via FaceTime or Zoom for a deep dive into you and your skin.
  4. Login to our online clear skin membership site and begin binge watching our acne clearing tutorial videos while we customize an acne starter kit just for you.
  5. Receive your starter kit and instructions in the mail.
  6. Meet with us virtually every two weeks to talk all of the dirty details about your skin and adjust your routine to keep you clearing.

Virtual Acne Consultation$125 (via FaceTime or Zoom)
Virtual Acne Follow Up Appointment — $55 (via FaceTime or Zoom) every two weeks

Initial products will cost approximately $250-$300 in addition to the consultation fee.

Virtual Consultation — $125

A virtual consultation is done by completing our comprehensive online questionnaire about your skin and lifestyle. We then meet with you live via FaceTime to develop a clear-skin plan specific to your skin type and lifestyle considerations.

We will identify your skin type and all of the triggers that may be contributing to your acne. We will then teach you everything you need to know to avoid acne pitfalls in your nutrition and lifestyle. We then develop a clear skin program customized to your needs. Products are not included.

Virtual Follow-Up Appointments — $55

Follow up appointments are scheduled with your skincare coach every two weeks. You will meet with your skincare coach to review your progress, change your skincare routine and ensure you are on the path to clear skin.

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