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Confident Cleansing for Clear Skin

You might be wondering…what in the heck is confident cleansing?

Well, let’s talk about cleansing. It’s the foundation of your entire skincare routine, and without a complete and confident cleanse, the rest of your home care may be falling short. So, let’s dive right in!

Makeup Removal

If you wear makeup, it is imperative that you remove it completely before sleeping. There’s nothing like a clean face with properly applied nighttime serums and moisturizers before heading to bed.

Here’s what we suggest for thorough makeup removal.

One…use a non-pore clogging makeup remover like Quick Slick All-in-one-Cleanser or
Two…use Go Gently Mild Foaming Cleanser to remove your makeup, followed by a second cleanse with your prescribed cleanser (Go Gently, Benz Cleanse, Benz Beads, Buffing Beads or Mandelic Cleanse).

The 60 Second Cleanse

Apply lukewarm water to your face and hands. Add in 1/2 pump of any Beachy Clean cleanser and work into a lather. Apply foaming lather to face and massage it in for at least a full 60 seconds before rinsing.

There’s a lot of merit to this “minute to win it” cleansing solution.

Allowing the cleanser to remain on your skin for one or two minutes, allows the cleanser’s active ingredients to do their work. If you are using a medicated cleanser like Mandelic Cleanse or Benz Cleanse, this is very important. Extending your cleansing time will give those key ingredients a chance to get below the surface of the skin where they can make a greater difference to the overall health of your complexion.

Esthetic Wipes for the Win

Get rid of the Clarisonic or any other electrical cleansing device taking up space in your bath cabinet. Yes, you heard me. Get rid of them!

We see more damage and problem skin from overexfoliated skin due to mechanical cleansing.

After 60 seconds, use esthetic wipes to gently remove cleanser from your face. We love esthetic wipes because they are super soft and highly absorbant…and you toss them after each use–using a new one for each face wash.

Wash cloths are over stimulating. Yes, they are too abrasive for the skin and they can harbor bacteria. Here is a link to the esthetic wipes. 4 x 4 Esthetic Wipes

Finish with Toner

People often want to skip this important step. And, it’s probably one of our favorite steps in the cleansing process.  Dampen a 2×2 esthetic wipe with toner and wipe it over your entire face.

Toner remove any last traces of cleanser and prep your skin to receive serums and moisturizers. Our toners provide very specific benefits based on the needs of your skin.

  • Skin Dew — Hydrates the heck out of dry, dehydrated skin. We LOVE this stuff, and if you are dry, it is a must have!
  • Stay Calm — Nourishes and soothes irritated or sensitive skin.
  • AHA Toner — Removes excess oil and balances the sebum production.

Cleansing Summarized

  1. Remove makeup (if worn) with Quick Slick or Go Gently Cleanser
  2. Perform a 60-second cleanse
  3. Follow with toner applied to skin with 2×2 esthetic wipe

And, always, perform your cleansing routine morning and night.

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