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Home Healing Hacks for Acne

These home healing acts for acne are guaranteed to help clear your skin.

So, you’re quarantined to stay home? And, you’re tired of playing virtual video games, you’re tired of your family, and you’re tired of yourself! Ha!

Wow, what a new reality we are in…and I wanted to give you some at home healing hacks that you can do daily to significantly help heal your skin.

Home Healing Hacks for Acne

  1. Relax, meditate, journal — Stress is a major trigger for acne and during these uncertain times, stress might be at an all-time-high for many of us.  Take time to add mindful self care to your daily routine by meditating or journaling out your thoughts.
  2. Create in the kitchen — Oh yes! Now lets get creative with our foods to avoid and healthy substitutes list. Take a wild ride on Pinterest and find new recipe ideas that don’t have peanuts, soy or dairy. Test them in the kitchen and let us know which ones are great! We are pinning away over on Pinterest, so give us a follow for all things acne-related.
  3. Go make-up free — This is a great time to give your skin a break and allow it to breathe. Go make-up free and watch your skin transform.
  4. Wash your linens — Use a fragrance-free detergent to wash your linens weekly, and do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Use wool balls instead. Change your pillow case every other day!
  5. Eat healthy foods — Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, increasing antioxidants and decreasing processed foods. Avoid too much salt and stay away from peanuts, dairy, soy and seafood.
  6. Drink water — This is a great time to increase your water intake because you have lots of time to head to the bathroom. 🙂 Water flushes out the system and helps remove toxins from the body.
  7. Ice your face — Take two cubes of ice (one in each hand) and ice your face twice per day. Icing reduces inflammation and is a game changer in this war on acne.
  8. Review hair and makeup ingredients — Take a deep dive into your makeup bag and haircare products to check them for pore clogging ingredients. Use our pore clogging ingredient list to check all products and get rid of any bad ones. Swap out the bad products for acne-safe alternatives (join our acne-safe shopping list annual membership, and we will do the work for you.)

  9. Repeat loving mantras — fill your brain and soul with loving mantras. I am clear. I am beautiful. Repeat throughout the day.
  10. Complete morning and evening skin routine — take time doing your routines. Apply enough product and make sure you are thorough in doing everything on your customized routine.

If you have a home hand-held LED light Light Stim for Acne, light up your face a few times per day. It’s a miraculous healer for acne.

Above all…stay well and be safe.

Cheers to clear!


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