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How We Cleared Adult Inflamed Acne

Adult acne can be traumatizing to the say least. You skate through your teenage years with only a blemish or two, only to be haunted by an onslaught of unforeseen blemishes.

Oh! The horror!

Seriously, it couldn’t get much worse. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50s, developing adult acne at any age is a nightmare. You thought you would be working on anti-aging regimes when instead you are focused on clearing away what you thought were puberty-driving pimples.

Joanne knows only too well the frustration found with dealing with adult acne. And, of course, she turned to any quick-fix solution she could find.

Joanne sailed through her teens without a trace of acne. But when she turned 26 years old, she began to have severe breakouts on her cheeks and jawline.

She tried everything from over-the-counter scrubs and drying serums to acne facials and beyond.

When she thought she was at her wits end, she discovered Beach Beauty Bar and Acne Clinic. Joanne came to us in January 2018, and she was clear in April 2018. It took four months to clear her inflamed acne.

Our clear skin team worked with Joanne to teach her the ins-and-outs of acne. She was eating a lot of pimple-producing foods and routines that she had no idea were wreaking havoc on her skin.

Joanne earned an A plus from our team in her efforts to change her life and clear her skin permanently. She was diligent in the nutritional changes we suggested. She now knows how to make “clear-skin” food choices.

Makeup Makeover

We dug through her makeup bag, identifying all of the pesky little pore cloggers and suggested “clean” makeup formulas for her to enhance her beauty.

She was as relentless as we are in her efforts to achieve a flawless face.

In fact, it’s the same story we tell over and over. Our clients who are relentless in adopting the “clear skin” lifestyle get clear. It’s pretty simple.

She is over the moon with her results. She now understands acne and how what we put into our bodies affects what appears on our skin.

Joanne continues to treat with us on a monthly basis to continue to lighten acne scarring and to stay committed to her clear skin routine.

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