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Man Aggravating Your Acne

Is Your Man Makin’ Your Skin Misbehave?

So, you finally got clear! Crystal clear! No more acne!

And, then suddenly you wake up with a face full of acne that seemingly appeared out of thin air. This sends your detective skills into over-drive, back tracking and recalling your every move previous to the facial crime scene.

You’ve been a faithful client of ours for a while now.

You learned all the tips and tricks to getting and staying clear.

You cleaned up your diet.

You did an overhaul on your skin-care and hair-care products, (weeding out the bad, keeping the good).

You purchased essentials from our Acne Safe Shopping list.

You sanitize your phone regularly.

You change your pillowcases 3x a week.

You even stopped touching your face throughout the day…

So what gives?

Well, we really hate to point fingers, but if you’re doing everything right, it might be time to point your finger at the real culprit of your skin troubles:  Your man! *gasp*

What’s love got to do with it?

LOVE — what?!

You’re probably wondering how your man has anything to do with YOUR acne issues. As it turns out, there are quite a few less apparent things contributing to your breakouts than you’re aware of.

When we allow another person into our personal space, we’re also giving their skincare products, hair care products and bacteria full access to our skin! I’ve known grown men who change their pillowcases once every 3 months (maybe) who use a bar of Irish Spring soap for their entire body including their faces then call it a day…

Our skin is literally at the mercy of our man’s product choices and hygiene habits. I can sense the horror creeping in as you read this but don’t worry; you won’t have to throw the boyfriend out with the bathwater just yet. We have a few tips and some advice to help you combat acne brought on by your man.

Things to be aware of

The products your man is using on his face and body are crucial when getting up close and personal.

Let’s face it; most guys just aren’t as hygienic as women.

Beards and chest hair harbor bacteria, which can cause acne not just on his skin but on yours as well.. If you sleep with your head on your man’s chest and find your breakouts are happening on the same side of your face that touches his body – you might be onto something. It’s just as important for your man to be using acne safe non comedogenic products as it is for you.

We have done some research and we narrowed it down to 3 main areas acne caused by your man can be attributed to which are:  Skincare products, hair care products and oral hygiene products.

Laying your face on his chest could invoke facial unrest!

Your skin is one huge sponge of an organ, absorbing anything and everything you put on it. So, you need to go through his products the same way we went through yours.  

His skincare products could contribute to breakouts for you and him.  We recommend he use body washes, cleansers and moisturizers that are free from pore clogging ingredients. Your man might also be using a body lotion that contains harsh chemicals or fragrance and when that seeps into your facial pores, it’s highly likely to cause an acneic reaction. We recommend: Beachy Clean – Go Gently foaming cleanser and Beachy Clean – Matte Moisture Hydrating Gel.

Don’t forget about his sunscreen and shaving products (aftershave). Two things can cause sunscreen-related pimples: clogged pores from comedogenic ingredients or sensitivity to chemical UV-blocking agents. In other words, the mineral sunscreens can sit on top of your skin and gunk up pores, while the chemical ones might irritate vulnerable skin.

Shaving cream or aftershave lotion has a similar effect but also carry a higher probability for allergenic reactions in sensitive acne prone skin types. We recommend: Andalou Naturales Men Smooth glide shave cream and Gillette sensitive shave gel. Beachy Clean –Sun Guard SPF 30

Pomade putting pimples in the spotlight

Does your man use hair products like pomade, hair spray, mousse, gel? These common hair styling products may be the guilty culprits to your acne problems. Many hair products are oil based, which may trigger acne in those who are already prone, but ingredients such as silicone, cocoa butter, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and lanolin can also trigger acne, especially if left on the skin.

Fun fact: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) has a comedogenic rating of 5 out of 5–avoid it at all costs!

The other hair care product that men use is beard oil

You wouldn’t think of this as something that could affect your skin but it can. When you’re kissing your man your faces are touching, making it a perfect scenario for a transfer of product. Beard oil has 3 main ingredients which are carrier oils, essential oils and preservatives all of which contain pore clogging oils. Yikes! The most commonly used oil in beard oil brands is coconut oil, which is a huge no-no for acne sensitive skin types.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when your man is on the market for beard oil. First, look for a brand that uses non-comedogenic oils that won’t clog pores. Second, avoid commercial beard oil containing preservatives, artificial fragrance or dyes.

A good habit to build is showering before bed or at the very least making sure hair gets washed before hitting the sack at night. Styling products can get all over the pillow cases while you sleep and clog your pores. Most women don’t even consider this, but the hair product in your hair or your man’s hair is rubbing against your face during the day and if you don’t shower at night, it’s rubbing against your skin while you sleep. We recommend: Aveda Shampure Shampoo, Dove Men + Care Hair Styling Sculpting Paste, AXE Hair Paste for Men, OUAI Matte Pomade.

Kissing your dude might lead to pimples with ‘tude!

Lastly, make sure he uses acne safe toothpaste and lip products.

Toothpaste commonly contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Sodium lauryl sulfate is a strong lathering agent. It produces the white foaminess of countless products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, shower gels and facial cleansers. We see it all of the time. Toothpaste causes terrible breakouts around the mouth and chin.

Mouthwash is another oral product we use daily that can have a considerable effect on our skin. To prevent oral bacteria from getting on your face, make sure to wash your face AFTER you brush your teeth. By washing your face after brushing, you are sure to remove any acne-causing particles that dripped onto your chin or around your mouth while you were brushing!

Not to be over-looked, is his use of lip products. Is your man using an acne safe chapstick? If you’re kissing (which we hope you are) we recommend using our chapstick. It’s designed specifically for people with acne and doesn’t contain any pore clogging ingredients. There’s no coconut oil or shea butter, which are killers when it comes to acne. We recommend: Shmidt’s Wondermint toothpaste, Beach Beauty Bar – Acne-Safe Chapstick

So there you have it! If you are prone to acne, you better make sure that your love interest is also using acne-safe products so as not to aggravate your skin.

Wondering about which ingredients clog your pores — schedule an acne consultation, and we will provide you everything you need to know. 

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Cheers to clear!


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