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Makeup Review Maybelline


Our acne experts have done all of the work for you. In the Makeup Review Maybelline, we review the entire brand of Maybelline makeup for pore clogging ingredients. And, we provide it to you in a simple downloadable PDF that you can save and print. Take it with you on your next trip to Sephora and reference it when shopping online. If you love Maybelline and if you have acne, this is a must-have makeup guide for you.

There is nothing for you to do except choose products out of the Safe List to purchase, and stay away from the products listed on the Unsafe List.

We look at every single makeup product in the brand and even look at the individual colors, as sometimes a certain color of a product can be pore-clogging while another color is safe.

If you love makeup, this is a no-brainer!

Disclaimer–if you have acne, changing your makeup safe products will help to not exacerbate your acne. Your acne will not magically clear by only changing your makeup. You must make skincare and dietary changes to achieve flawless skin.

Updated June 2023



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