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Makeup Review


Our custom Makeup Review takes the guessing out of choosing acne-safe makeup.

We scour your makeup bag with a fine-tune comb, searching out and reviewing every product ingredient for pore-cloggers and acne aggravators. Instead of supplying you with a list of ingredients to review your products on your own, we take the fuss out of the research and provide you with a customized report, shopping guide and information about acne. We do the work for you and teach you how to do it in the future. Work with a professional skincare expert on revamping your makeup bag for $79, and you will receive:

Custom Makeup Review. Within 48 hours of submitting your client questionnaire, we will send you a customized report detailing every pesky, pore-clogging ingredient identified in your make-up bag (limited to ten products).

Recommended Products. You also will receive our most recent clinic list of recommended makeup products that will not contribute to acne.

Pore Clogging Ingredient List & How to Use It. You will receive a comprehensive list of pore-clogging ingredients (daunting at first), but it becomes second nature as you utilize the list and become a savvy skincare shopper.

The custom review includes up to ten products reviewed. You may choose to send us your top ten makeup and haircare products, including primer, foundation, bronzers, blush, loose or pressed powders, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and finishing products.


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