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30 Best Beauty Buys At Trader Joe’s – Acne Safe

Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? Amiright?! This grocery chain stocks everything from raw and prepared foods to beer and beauty products. When it comes to prepared and packaged foods, there is a solid variety of options for those with dietary restrictions, sensitivities, and specific diets. Namely, dairy free people like you.

Whether you’re on a voyage for clear skin, vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just simply trying to eat less pizza, living a dairy-free life has become so much easier in the last few years. Alternative cheese, ice cream, milk, and yogurt products have a respectable amount of real estate in even the most mainstream grocery stores. Not all fake cheese is created equal, though. These are the products we love, and that taste the most like the real thing.

Do you want clear skin?

We take a look at some of the top dairy-free acne-safe foods to be found at Trader Joe’s. As always, be sure to double check the ingredients list before buying; however we’ve done the homework for you on these particular items.

I share this because I know how tough it is to quit dairy cold turkey. Living a dairy free acne-safe life is a huge adjustment… having to read ALL the nutrition labels can be daunting, we know! This is why I’m going to share some of the most delicious acne-safe finds I like best at Trader Joe’s and hope that it can help you next time you’re shopping there!

1. Grass-fed ground beef

Ground beef gets a bad reputation when in reality, grass-fed ground beef is packed with protein and anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

Many of our families consume ground beef more than any other type of meat thanks to how affordable it is – using it in taco salads, omelets, coconut wraps, and stir-frys.

The good news is that Trader Joe’s has some of the best grass-fed ground beef in the business at one of the lowest prices: I buy mine for $5.99 a pound.

2. Wild-caught salmon

Grass-fed beef is awesome, but you know what the ultimate skin-clearing meat is? Wild-caught salmon.

Packed with inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamin A, and tons of protein, salmon is king when it comes to fighting acne with food.

Wild-caught salmon doesn’t come cheap, but Trader Joe’s has about the lowest price you can ask for at $11.99 a pound, and the quality is always superb.

3. Organic extra virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is on our list of 5 healthy fats for glowing skin.

Olive oil is extremely high in antioxidant vitamin E, has anti-inflammatory compounds, and can help with nutrient absorption when eaten along with other foods.

Trader Joe’s has high-quality, organic extra-virgin olive oil for $6.99 a bottle (17fl oz.), which is about half the cost of what I’ve seen at other grocery stores.

4. Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil

What can’t you use coconut oil for?

Throw it in a smoothie, put it in your coffee, or even eat it by the spoonful.

It has almost no omega-6 fatty acids and is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal.

Again, Trader Joe’s name-brand shines above the rest here with crazy low prices on coconut oil. I’ve seen them on sale for as little as $5.99 for a bottle (14fl oz.)

5. Kerrygold grass-fed butter

Grass-fed butter can be problematic for some people with acne-prone skin due to the lactose and milk proteins present in butter.

That’s why ghee butter made out of the grass-fed butter is a better alternative.

Like regular grass-fed butter, ghee butter is high in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and low in omega-6 fatty acids. Unlike regular butter, ghee is lactose, casein, and whey-free, which makes it almost bulletproof for acne-prone skin.

6. Organic frozen chopped spinach

I personally don’t really like frozen spinach when cooked and eaten, but for $2/lb Trader Joe’s organic chopped spinach is too cheap to pass up.

I use it in my smoothies, along with my next pick…

7. Organic frozen mixed berries

This simple little bag of berries is about the cheapest source of organic fruits you can get.

Best of all, if you live in a place where fresh, organic berries are uncommon, you can still get frozen berries that usually have more nutrients and antioxidants than fresh berries since they were picked and quickly frozen at peak times.

This particular pack of berries includes strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, all of which are low in sugar and high in antioxidants and vitamins.

8. Dry-roasted macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are one of the only “safe” nuts when it comes to acne.

They are extremely low in phytic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, making them a great source of healthy fats.

Unfortunately, macadamia nuts are hard to come by, but yet again Trader Joe’s comes in clutch with some pretty affordable macadamia nut options.

Bear in mind that macadamias are going to usually be more expensive than other nuts, but it’s well worth the cost when it comes to your skin.

9. Organic raw almonds

A word of caution: almonds are very high in omega-6 fatty acids that can cause breakouts in some people. Use almonds with caution.

If you find you can tolerate almonds (I have about a handful a day), they’re a great choice for getting plenty of vitamin E and gut-boosting prebiotics.

I always opt for raw almonds, as the roasting process can oxidize some of the omega-6 fatty acids in almonds. I also tend to go for organic after noticing non-organic almonds would often lead to breakouts.

10. HAAS Avocados

Because of their outer shell, avocados are one of the only fruits and vegetables you don’t need to worry about buying organic.

Avocados are a great source of vitamin E and dietary fiber to help support a healthy digestive system. Furthermore, they’re about the best afternoon snack you could eat, with very little carbs and plenty of healthy, filling fats.

Trader Joe’s has some awesome deals on 4-packs of avocados. You can even get “teeny-tiny” avocados if normal ones are too big for you.

Avocado toast is a great substitute for a bagel and cream cheese.

11. Ginger Tumeric Herbal Tea

When possible, I try to avoid caffeinated tea and coffee because it’s pretty problematic for acne – caffeine heightens the body’s stress response, causes dehydration, and can impair digestion if you’re not careful (not to mention a lot of folks are intolerant or sensitive to coffee).

Herbal tea, on the other hand, is a very safe choice for most people.

Trader Joe’s ginger tumeric tea is especially great because it contains, well, ginger, which aids digestion, and tumeric, which is a pretty powerful anti-inflammatory that can help with the redness and swelling that comes with acne.

12. Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Cashew Fiesta Dip

This creamy dip is another vegan item that can be eaten cold or hot. TJ’s recommends heating the dip in the microwave and pouring it over nachos and vegetables.

13. Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi

Made with just five ingredients, this frozen cauliflower gnocchi can be prepared in a variety of ways: by boiling, microwaving, or sautéing on the stove in olive oil, butter, or ghee.

14. Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pop this cauliflower crust in the oven, top with the sauce and toppings of your choice like the vegan “cheese” shreds available in-store), and put the pizza back into the oven for a few minutes until everything is bubbly and brown.

Though there aren’t any dairy-based ingredients listed, the package indicates that this product may contain traces of milk.

15. Trader Joe’s Organic Cultured Cashew Beverage

Smooth in texture and with a tangy flavor, this product can be added to smoothies or eaten at breakfast with a side of granola. It contains live active cultures but no dairy, lactose, or added sugars.

16. Cauliflower Gnocchi (fan fav!) – they are always sold out of this so if you see it, snag it or else you may not get any. I love keeping things in the freezer that can be whipped up for an easy meal and this is definitely the top of my list.

17. Corn Tortillas – these refrigerate/freeze well and have minimal ingredients. YUM! Taco night anyone?

18. Chilli lime Spice – so good on salmon, fries, eggs etc. Tastes exactly how it sounds, slightly tart and slightly spicy.

19. Everything but Bagel Spice – another fan fav! I stock up on this versatile spice every time. Super easy to throw on veggies, avocado, eggs, meat etc.

20. Crunchy lentil curls – half the reason I love these are the shape. Crunch level is on point!

21. Vegan Cream Cheese Alternative – this Vegan Cream Cheese has all the smooth spreadability and silky mouth feel of a standard, dairy-based cream cheese, but non of the dairy.

22. Vegan Kale Cashew & Basil Pesto – I LOVE how zesty this pesto is. Freezes beautifully. Personally I make my own pesto in the summer as I buy my own basil plant but you can’t really go wrong having some on hand.

23. Volpi Pepperoni – gluten-free & no nitrites or nitrates added. Great for quantity vs. price point Trader Joe’s offers.

24. Olive Oil Spray – not really sharing this on here because most oil sprays are dairy-free but I love it because it contains no nasty propellants! I love using this in baking or quickly spraying a pan before cooking where the item itself doesn’t need much oil. Great way to cut down on extra calories if you’re looking to reduce. (I like to taste my calories vs. having them snuck in).

25. Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups – A great alternative to a Reese’s peanut butter cup. This acne-safe treat eliminates dairy because it’s made with dark chocolate and it also eliminates peanut butter substituted with sunflower seed butter…give it a try!

26. Vegan Cookies & Cream Vanilla Bean Bon Bons – a client favorite! These little bons boys are so good you may pop a few more than one. A great alternative to ice cream.

27. Vegan Tzatziki Dip Creamy, herby, and refreshingly tangy, this Vegan Tzatziki is a rich and flavorful condiment that can be enjoyed as both a dip and a sauce.

28. Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars – They’re so rich and satisfying, you probably wouldn’t guess they only had 100 calories each and they’re made with oat milk.

29. Unsweetened Almond, Cashew & Macadamia Nut Beverage

30. Cold Brew Coffee & Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Dessert Frozen Dessert and Boba may seem like an odd pair, yet somehow the partnership really pops. 

In Summary

A huge part of getting and staying clear is living the acne safe lifestyle. That means managing your stress, getting quality sleep and fuelling your body with acne safe foods. It can be difficult to know exactly what’s in your food when you eat out, which is why we recommend preparing as much of your own food as possible. While your diet may be contributing to some of your skin issues, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. The rules for a healthy body and healthy skin are not that different: Opt for nutritious and unprocessed foods that are low in fats and sugar.

If you’re interested in changing the way you eat to get clearer skin, reach for nutritious snacks like chopped vegetables, oatmeal with berries and probiotic-rich dairy-free yogurt while cutting back on sugar. It’s important for you to stay away from foods that may contribute to acne at the same time.

Always care for your skin from the outside-in! Schedule your initial consolation today to get started on your clear skin journey.

Cheers to clear!


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