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A Christmas Story: Be Thoughtful, Be Kind, Be Loving

This was the best Christmas I have ever had! Yes, I said it. The BEST! You may be thinking, “I wonder what made it the best.”
I had no expectations for this Christmas to be any different from any previous family gathering. I do believe that our expectations can set us up for misery or joy. Leaving my expectations behind, I was sure to have a joyous time.
It was the best because my family showed up with attitudes of gratitude. They were present. They were kind and loving. Not to say that they aren’t always kind and loving, but it was different this year.
My parents have been divorced for many years. However, every Christmas, we all convene at my dad’s house, where we stay for a few days and nights…together, under one roof. I know it can be difficult for my mom and dad, as they divorced for a reason. But, this year something was different.
It all started with my dad. He went out of his way to make sure the house was impeccable for our arrival. He’s a lifetime smoker, yet he smoked in his man cave (the garage)…a big change from years past. He was present, loving and kind. There was a nurturing way about him. He was thoughtful of our feelings and was generous with his heart.
My mom suffered from a horrible cough and congestion. But in response to my dad’s kindness, she put on her game face and trecked all about town with us as we completed our final shopping. She didn’t feel well at all, but you wouldn’t know it, as she helped prepare my dad’ favorite dish for our holiday meal. She also was present, loving and kind. On the day of our departure, I found a note my mom had left for my dad expressing her deepest gratitude for his thoughtfulness during our stay. She said it didn’t go unnoticed and would never be forgotten.
As for me…well, I am always present, loving and kind. That’s a joke :-). Seriously…I just soaked up this love and kindness like a dry sponge. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want the fairytale to end. I left with a warmth in my heart, as I have never felt before.
This little Christmas story reminds me that a single person who changes their tune can change the melody for everyone. A single person can brighten a day, give hope, and change the course of someone else’s life, if even for just a minute.
It is my intention to be thoughtful, loving and kind in 2015…to show up and to be present for others. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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