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Acne & Exercise

January brings with it all kinds of resolutions, which often include a vow to exercise more regularly. But I bet you didn’t think it would also come with acne! So what do you do with your skincare routine when working out? Breakouts happen but they shouldn’t get between us and our workouts. That said, it’s frustrating to deal with acne as a “consequence” when you’re making a healthy choice like exercising.

We’ve got you! We have all the best tips to take care of your skin, so you can spend more time with your eyes on the prize.

Do you want clear skin?

AM Workouts

If working out in the morning, just get up and work out (no need to wash or do your routine until you are done working out).  After the workout, do your entire morning routine.

Midday Workouts

Lunchtime workouts cause the most disruption to your skincare routine, as we don’t want you over washing your face.

If a lunch time routine is a must, we would recommend washing in the morning with a cream cleanser (crème fresh) and complete your morning routine.

After the lunchtime workout, use Go Gently to wash away the sweat and then re-apply your morning routine.

PM Workouts

Working out in the late afternoon… No need to wash before working out. 

Just work out with your morning routine still on your face.  When you are done with the workout, wash and do your nighttime routine immediately..

It’s better to get it done early than to wait.  And, we want you to get the sweat off your face as soon as possible.

Does Sweating Cause Acne?

Sweating from exercise doesn’t directly cause acne, but it does create an environment in which acne-causing bacteria can thrive. Combine friction from your clothing while you’re working out (think the rubbing of a bicycle helmet on your forehead, or a sports bra on your back) and a warm, moist sweatiness that bacteria love… you’ve got the perfect recipe for post-workout breakouts.

Sweaty or Tight Fitting Workout Wear

Which brings me to this point… One of the most common contributors to body acne is sweaty, tight-fitting clothing.

Clingy fabrics trap sweat and bacteria on the skin, which lead to clogged pores and body breakouts. When acne affects the body, it’s also good to note that the rubbing of clothing and sports equipment can add to irritation due to the extra heat and sweat. Acne from exercising can be helped with the proper care.

The best way to tackle this trigger: Opt for loose-fitting, breathable workout wear, and be sure to remove it immediately after you hit the gym. And most importantly, cleanse your skin ASAP after breaking a sweat to wash away those gnarly microbes.

Sweating is GOOD for you!

Exercise increases blood flow, which means more oxygen and nutrients make their way to skin cells. Increased blood flow helps to flush out waste products including free radicals. One of the ways it flushes out waste is through sweat.

Sweat is a good thing. But when things like dirt, oil, or sunscreen are added to the mix, you can get clogged pores and breakouts.

Avoid Post Workout Breakouts

One of the first things we do when working with athletes is identify how the elements of their particular sport might be triggering their breakouts. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re exercising.

  • Wash your workout clothes after each use, and don’t forget the baseball caps. Dead skin cells, oils, and bacteria on unwashed clothes may contribute to clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Clean any equipment you may wear, including the inside of a helmet.
  • Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen for outdoor workouts. For lightweight, non-greasy UV protection that won’t clog pores, Sun Guard is ideal for this.
  • Always use a clean towel to wipe sweat from your skin during workouts.

Exercise is Good for Skin!

We hope that you don’t let post-workout breakouts discourage you from exercising. It’s not only critical for your long-term health, but it improves the health of your skin! Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Increases circulation.
  2. Dilates pores, allowing sweat to expel trapped dirt and oil.
  3. Regulates hormones.
  4. Prevents free-radical damage.

Don’t rob yourself of this anti-aging secret because of acne. Take care of your skin by staying diligent with your cleansing routines and keep moving!

The Takeaway

Working out is an essential part of a clear skin journey, and it can be enjoyable. It definitely takes determination and perseverance, but the reward is pure gold.

Exercise plus an effective skincare routine has helped thousands see unbelievable results. It can help you too. Are you ready to go all in for clear skin? Schedule your consultation today & let us help get you started on your clear skin journey – You deserve it.

Cheers to clear!


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