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Acne-Safe Sunless Tanning

Spring break is just around the corner, and many of us are thinking about bikinis and tans. And, of course, I am always thinking about you and your skin! So, I wanted to share with you some SAFE sunless tanning options for acne-prone skin.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record and harp on the fact that you absolutely must wear sun protection on your skin when using our active ingredients. You are much more prone to burning while using mandelic, salicylic or glycolic serum. You’ve heard it all before from me…over and over so there’s no need to repeat myself. But, maybe I will…just one more time.

Wear your Beachy Clean Clinical Skincare SPF every single day…rain or shine! ?

What the heck does safe sunless tanning mean? 

If you have acne-prone skin, sunless tanning products can wreak havoc on your face, chest or back. I can’t even tell you how many of our wonderful clients have strutted into our clinic with their freshly sprayed “orange glow” and a whole slew of fresh pimples to go along with it.

Most sunless tanning products contain pore-clogging ingredients. This doesn’t matter if you aren’t prone to acne. But, if you are prone to breaking out, be diligent in finding a brand that is safe.

Do your research. Check out the sunless tanning facility prior to scheduling an appointment, and ask them for the ingredient deck so that you can make sure their tanning solution doesn’t contain pore cloggers. (Most professional spray tan solutions do contain pore cloggers!)

They may tell you that it won’t clog your pores because it’s vegan, gluten free, organic or all natural. It is then that you insist on getting the ingredients or go somewhere else.

Double check the ingredients against our pore-clogging ingredient list, and if there is one ingredient on the list, it is not safe for your skin.

Suggested Sunless Tanning Options

If you opt for a professional or in-booth spray tan, avoid spraying your face and utilize an acne-safe sunless tanning home application for your face or use bronzer as mentioned below.

We are big fans of using acne-safe facial bronzer to add a golden glow to your face. Bronzer washes off and if it’s safe, you’ve got nothing to worry about. We love our Stitch Cosmetic’s Loose Mineral Bronzer for just a kiss of color.

If you want a little more permanent color without the use of makeup, opt for
THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops by TAN LUXE. This cruelty- and toxin-free concentrate transforms your favorite moisturizer into a bespoke self tanner. We recommend a few drops in your Moisture Clear for a beautiful glow.

We love Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self-Tanning Liquid Spray 6 oz. as an at-home self tanner that is acne safe and produces a beautiful tan.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is another winner in this golden glow getter galaxy! (Have I ever told you that I love alliteration…it makes me smile 🙂

A Final Word

Exfoliating serums, including mandelic, salicylic, and glycolic, eat away at dead skin cells. It’s key to keeping you clear. Your beautiful spray-on tan may not last long on your face or may end up looking splotchy very quickly due to the active ingredients you are using to stay clear.

There are great options available to develop a rich golden glow without having to damage your skin by the sun. You have spent a lot of time, energy, and money to get clear. Don’t ruin it with a spray tan that only lasts a short time.

Choose an acne-safe sunless tanning option for your skin. Choose clear and confident.

Would you like access to our full list of acne-safe products?

We have taken the guess-work out of clearing acne and determining what products are going to clog your pores. Are you ready to stop googling “how to clear my acne,”  or “acne-safe self-tanner” and allow us to guide you every step of the way? Let us do the worrying, and allow yourself to start clearing.


Cheers to clear!


acne-safe sunless tanning

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