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Skin To Be Grateful In

Start your day being grateful!

Do you wake up in the morning and “inspect” your skin, looking for every little blemish that may have popped up overnight? Do you hop on the scale seeing if you might have gone up or gone down and letting it determine the vibe of your day?

Do you want clear skin?

This is a stretch for some but, what if instead, you woke up and went straight to gratitude instead? Having gratitude for KNOWING what to do for your acne and the simplicity that you are implementing it is a giant step in the direction of having a clear complexion. Are you grateful that you have the means to treat your condition? Express how grateful you are for your family that loves you.

What else are you grateful for…?

It’s the season of thankfulness, so in that spirit, we’re taking a moment to meditate on everything we have to be grateful for. One of those things? Our skin.

Gratitude Is The New Attitude

Gratitude has been shown to be incredibly transformative. In fact, those who intentionally track their gratitude every day, typically have an increased sense of well-being, better quality sleep and a more flexible willingness to accept change.

So what does this have to do with your acne?

Well, the way I see it, is that when you can reframe your problematic skin-type in a positive light, you will start to feel better overall. When we feel better, we tend to have better daily habits and a discipline that serves our bodies instead of ruminating over our acne.

This may mean that you are less inclined to binge on sugar because emotionally you feel blue, or maybe your anxiety is lessened so you’re less inclined to pick your skin.

Identifying some of the key ways that your acne has had a positive effect on your life can help ground you, and help you in your healing process, when things seem extra stressful.

Practicing gratitude for your skin is just as beneficial of a step as cleansing, moisturizing, and everything in between. This Thanksgiving we want to shed some light on four specific reasons to be thankful for the skin you’re in – and what better way to start your day than with mantras made with you in mind?  

Thank You, Skin, For Keeping Me Healthy

Do you ever stop to marvel at the skin you’re in?

As our first line of defense against illnesses, healthy skin serves as a barrier to keep pathogens out of the body. There’s actually one type of skin cell whose job is entirely dedicated to alerting the immune system to harmful viruses and germs. Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

Our skin is amazing.

Thank You, Skin, For Being The Most Honest Communicator

Your skintuition, or your skin’s instinctive tendencies, can be a highly perceptive external indicator of our internal health. Oftentimes, external signs in the skin can be messages from our body. While our individual skin conditions may be frustrating, it’s also pretty incredible how much our body can tell us without saying a word.

Thank You, Skin, For Helping To Tell Our Story

The skin color, texture, and characteristics we inherit make us unique and can give us insights regarding our ancestors. Our genetics influence both how our skin looks (thanks to melanocyte cells that make melanin, giving our skin color) and also how our skin behaves (your skin type is largely determined by your DNA).

It’s humbling to think that our ancestors had our same skin in some fashion.

Thank You, Skin, For Keeping Us Safe

Our skin works as a shield to keep internal systems safe and secure.

It regulates our body temperature by keeping us warm or cool according to the environment via perspiration and our hair shafts. Our skin also works hard to heal us from the inside out. The process by which our body heals our skin after a dermis injury (our most outward layer of skin), is truly remarkable.

Remember, Healing Is Not Linear

Why are you grateful for the skin you’re in? Don’t hate that scar that tells the story of not just your skin’s strength, but your spirit’s, too. You and your skin have been through so much this year, and giving yourself some grace and love will always nourish any spirit.

Although our skin is our largest organ, we tend to either take our skin for granted or criticize it.

If you need us to send you a status picture of your before and your current progress we are happy to do that! It’s usually pretty inspiring for most of our clients to see because often we forget how far we have come on our healing journey when we’re in the thick of it.

When we’re actively thankful for something in our lives (especially something that’s a part of us) we’re less stressed, sleep and eat better, and exercise more – all things that support a healthy-looking complexion.

 Are you ready to go all in for clear skin?

Make your skincare your priority this year (you still have time) Schedule your initial consultation today & let us help you get started on your clear skin journey.

Cheers to clear!


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