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Compassion is Beautiful

It was a day of celebration. It was her anniversary…clean and sober for 16 years.

She celebrated by allowing me to give her a facial. Depending on my mood, a facial includes either a foot or hand massage. On this day I chose to work on her hands.

As I began to massage oil into her arms, she softly spoke. She spoke of how her hands and arms looked 16 years ago…open wounds of addiction.

Today, only small scars remain. She recounted about how those scars had brought so much shame over the years. But, on this day…as I gently nurtured her hands and arms, she was at peace with her past. Today was a day of celebration. For her and for me.

In that moment we shared the bond of feeling compassionate rather than the separation that comes from judgment.

In peace and beauty,


#thetruthisbeautiful, #beachbeautybar
#thetruthisbeautiful, #beachbeautybar

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