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Connecting is Beautiful

She had been in a fight for her life. She had been in a graceful and courageous battle against cancer.

As I entered the treatment room, she looked at me with slight apprehension. On this day, she was wearing a scarf. I assured her it was okay to take it off. She was safe here.

When she removed the scarf, she revealed very short beautiful waves of hair. She was beautiful.

We proceeded with her facial, and I always finish with a relaxing scalp massage. As I ran my fingers through her short wonderful locks of curl, I said, “You are beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. You look so chic.”

I also sported a short sassy do, and I told her that we could rock our short hair together, encouraging her to walk out of the salon without her scarf.

She obliged, and we walked out of the spa arm in arm. When we were outside, we embraced. As she walked away looking ever so chic, I welled up with tears…tears of gratitude and joy for the gift of connection.

In peace and beauty,


#thetruthisbeautiful, #beachbeautybar
#thetruthisbeautiful, #beachbeautybar


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