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Dry Skin Does Not Equal Clear Skin

I can’t believe we are celebrating a new year and a new decade! I am looking forward to all this year has in store for all of us. I am really looking forward to transforming more lives, building more confidence, and empowering you to know what’s good for your skin!

In the shower this morning, I was washing my face, and I felt a thin layer of dull dead skin as I massaged my face with Go Gently cleanser.

I have been out of my normal schedule with the holidays, so I hadn’t been as consistent with applying my exfoliating serum, and I could sure feel it on my skin.

It got me thinking about our clients and people with acne in general. They often come to us with super dry and dehydrated skin. Clients who are using a prescription retinol often complain that their skin actually hurts. It’s so dry that it aches.

It seems logical, right?

Dry out the skin—dry out the pimples.

Drying out the skin for someone with super oily skin is a good thing. BUT, we have found that the majority of our clients with acne do not have “super” oily skin. In fact, they typically are very dry, and the use of over-the-counter medications or prescriptions from a dermatologist are drying the skin even more.

What happens when your skin is too dry?

The pores get dry, and dead skin gets stuck inside causing congested skin. In addition, your skin will start to produce more oil to combat the lack of hydration.

We are huge proponents of moisturizing acneic skin.

It is always wise to book a consultation with us, so we can identify your skin type and determine which moisturizer(s) you should be using, but you should definitely be using something in the morning and at night.

Two of our favorite go-to moisturizers are Matte Moisture, a gel formula with a matte finish, and Moisture Clear, a creamy moisturizer for the driest skin.

For our ultra-dry clients, we also add in a super emollient sun protection for even more moisture.

Winter weather typically causes dryer than usual skin. If you are treating with us and are experiencing dry, flaky skin, here are a few moisturizing tips:

  • Sandwich Matte Moisture—apply one to two pumps before and after applying your exfoliating serum in the morning and night. Allow each layer to dry just a bit in between each application.
  • Add Moisture Boost to your routine. Moisture Boost is a super hydrating hyaluronic serum which flies off our shelves. It can be used in place of Matte Moisture if you overly dry.
  • Switch your toner to Skin Dew for this dry skin season. Skin Dew is our best-selling toner and is so hydrating.
  • Use Ultra Solar Shield or Ultra UV Shade as your daily SPF. The “ultra” in both of these SPFs is an emollient powerhouse for your skin, like a tall drink of water.
  • Oh! And, speaking of water, let’s not forget to drink plenty of it. You also should be hydrating from the inside out.
  • Finally, please call us if you feel too dry. We will review your routine and make custom changes specific to your needs.

We are so excited for you to be clear all throughout the year! Be consistent and always reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Cheers to clear!


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