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Freedom is a Tall Order


StitchIn Huntington Beach, we take great pride in putting together the best red, white, blue and star-spangled ensembles. Old glory waves high in the ocean breeze as we decorate our cars, yards, dogs and homes…all in preparation to celebrate our freedom. Since moving to Huntington Beach, Independence Day is by far my favorite holiday of the year–I just love it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom lately because I am so delighted by the freedom I enjoy in my own life.

Freedom is a tall order. When we have unlimited freedom, it means we have the right to make choices about our life. We choose with whom we share our home. We choose where we work and what work we do. We choose our friends and so on.

All of this freedom, as good as it sounds, can often be a source of fear, even in the best of us.

I believe that making hard choices (decisions that go against the grain) takes great courage. And, we have the freedom to make hard choices…freedom to venture down the road less traveled…freedom to shine light onto the darker side of life…freedom to try a new hobby or sport that our friends and family might mock.

And, to put this type of freedom into full practice, takes real moxy!

My 4th of July wish for you is that you find your moxy and use your freedom to tap into your personal bravery. Access that bold part of you that’s been waiting to do something you’ve always dreamed of, but hasn’t because of fear. Fear of what others might think, fear of financial insecurity, or fear of finally saying “yes” to you.

Today, be willing to take one small action step today toward a long-held wish or dream.

Do it for you.
Do it for everyone who loves you.
Do it in honor of your freedom.
Do it for our founding fathers.

Allow their valor to inspire you. Draw strength from their fortitude that made our freedom possible. Imagine how they would have wanted all of us to live our lives–courageously exercising our freedom with passion, conviction and wild abandon.

It’s yours to be had–let freedom ring!

Happy Independence Day!


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