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Is Mask-ne a Real Thing

Is Mask-ne a Real Thing?

Mask-ne is a real thing. In fact, Mask-ne is a real epidemic we’re experiencing BUT before you blame your mask for your breakouts we need to address this issue from the perspective of Beach Beauty Bar clients. If a sudden constellation of pimples appeared along your jawline or around your nose, then chances are you’re probably blaming your mask, right?

This is where you’re wrong and I’ll explain why.

Do you want clear skin?

A lot of patients I’ve been seeing both virtually and in person are complaining of having Mask-ne. And in case you’ve been living under a rock like some of us, “Mask-ne” is essentially acne created from your mask. It’s brought on by friction and pressure between the material and the skin which causes irritation, leading to breakouts on the lower part of your face.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I know sporting a face covering when you’re in public places is a vital part of the team effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, with that being said we also know that the majority of us don’t wear a face mask 8-12 hours a day. We aren’t physicians or surgeons or first responders wearing a N95 mask and a face shield for the better part of our days.

Those are the kinds people who are susceptible to develop Maskne. The rest of us, are not afflicted in the same way. We wear masks in very small short increments to doctor visits, the grocery store, the gas station, even school to a limited degree. None of which would incur Maskne.

So, how can you lessen the potential impact of discomfort on your skin? You can make a few minor adjustments to your skincare regime and mask hygiene, to nix those bouts of blemishes you’re calling Mask-ne.

Keep your skin clean and hydrated

Regular cleansing with acne-safe skincare is paramount to staying clear. If you’re following your daily/nightly face cleansing regimens you shouldn’t be experiencing breakouts. Having a mask on your face can feel drying to your skin. Make sure you’re moisturizing!  

Re-think your mask material and hygiene

You should be using a new mask every day. Don’t re-use old masks. Simply buy those disposable masks so you can wear a fresh and clean one every day – or if you have a designer mask, make sure you wash it after every use with acne-safe laundry detergent. And don’t forget to ditch the dryer sheets and fabric softener when washing your masks. They will clog your pores faster than a hare! Storing it in a safe place in your wardrobe is also important so you don’t contaminate it.

Go Make-up Free

This is obvious, but worth a mention. If you’re already feeling discomfort from wearing your mask, use makeup sparingly when you know you’ll be wearing one. We have tinted SPF if you’re looking for a good alternative to foundation too. With the new normal, we are only seeing half our faces anyways. Keep it to a tinted moisturizer and acne safe chapstick.

Don’t touch your face

Last but not least, avoid touching that acne. Just don’t. If the problem persists, it’s best to consult us via online or in person. If you are breaking out after being clear for some time, schedule an appointment with us so we can identify what’s really triggering your flair ups. There is always a reason for breakouts and we’re here to help you.

Cheers to clear!


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