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Sweet Tooth Making You Breakout?

Milk chocolate is addicting but could your sweet tooth be making you breakout? Ever wake up in the morning to an unsightly pimple? We’ve all been there. No matter your age, acne can flare up when you least expect and be the cause of much embarrassment.

Whether you’re heading to an important job interview, getting ready for a hot date or even just meeting friends for a night out – it’s the last thing you want to see in the mirror. Despite many years of debate, recent studies prove that what you eat can play a significant role in the health and appearance of your skin.

Do you want clear skin?

 It’s important to be aware of some of the primary acne-causing foods that are best to avoid!

What Sugar Sweet Tooth Does To Your Skin

The first thing you need to understand is the glycemic index or GI. This is a scale that shows the rate that foods increase your blood glucose levels. The higher the rate, the higher it is on the scale.

High GI foods are an issue because the more your blood sugar increases, the more insulin is released. All that insulin lays out the welcome mat for inflammation.

Basically, sugar = glycation, and glycation = skin aging.

If you weren’t familiar, inflammation is the end-all, be-all for acne formation. Mix dead skin, bacteria, excess oil (which is another side effect of sugar), and inflammation, and you have the perfect conditions for an acne storm!

Foods high on the GI scale include sugar and foods that convert into sugar in your body, like white bread, pasta, baked potatoes (boiled sweet potatoes are in the safe zone), white rice, and anything you consider junk food.

You might be wondering what about chocolate? How does chocolate in specific show up on our faces?

Chocolate and Acne

Our dear old friend chocolate has long had a bad rap as the leading cause for all our unsightly blemishes. However, the good news for all the chocolate lovers out there is that cacao in its raw form has been proven to have no impact on your acne breakouts.

In fact, raw cacao is packed with vitamins A, C, E and zinc which are all highly beneficial for your skin. It’s actually the dairy and sugar often mixed in with most candy bars and desserts that have linked chocolate to a severe case of acne. So next time you reach for a chocolate bar, try opting for high percentage dark chocolate or snack size cacao nibs as a treat.

Avoid milk or white chocolate, which are mostly made up of all the ingredients that will lead to inflammation and agitate your acne.

It’s important to remember that food isn’t the enemy; it can actually be the solution when you eat the right foods! Incorporating foods that fight acne into your diet, like flax seeds or fish oils, can have an anti-inflammatory and protective effect. A healthy meal plan that includes lots of whole grains, green vegetables and plenty of water can make a real difference in your skin. (You can read more about different foods to start incorporating in your diet here).

Re-evaluate Your Dessert Sweet Tooth

When you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, you can’t afford to lag behind. Being vigilant about the things you eat is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in this fight against sugar. I know that it’s easy to get hungry throughout the day and go for that pack of cookies, but you’ll regret it once the pimples start rolling in!

If you have to have a little sweet fix, make sure that it is one you won’t regret the very next second! Here are a few of my favorite things to eat when I have a sugar craving that just won’t quit!

Fresh Fruits– While fruits contain sugar (some more than others), having them as a snack will not hurt your overall progress. It is a way to get that sweet tooth under control, get refreshed, and have essential vitamins and nutrients incorporated into your diet.

Sugar Substitutes– Now I know that a lot of people are off of the artificial sweeteners and for good reason too! But, I’m not talking about your run of the mill Splenda here. I have made some of the best desserts with almond flour and an all-natural Stevia infused sweetener. And the best part: I have not missed white sugar. Don’t believe me? Try one of our yummy recipes here.

Eat Solid– This term means “eat something that has substance.” If I want something sweet and I know for a fact that I will still have that craving after trying the first two options, then I amp it up. I eat something that is my absolute favorite solid food, like a Chipotle bowl. While solid foods are not sweet, the idea that you can still have something you legitimately enjoy helps you not feel so cheated. A win-win!


Going into the grocery store can be one of the most rewarding and defeating situations for a person that loves sweets. If you do well, then you have this feeling of accomplishment! You withstood your temptations and got through it.

However, if you fail, the feeling of defeat ruins your whole day! Once you get home and see those Hostess cakes, it’s all over for your goal and out of guilt you eat Every. Last. One.

That is where paying attention to what your buying comes into play. Avoid those trigger areas, like the candy aisle, sugary juice aisle, or the junk food aisles. Focus more on the produce and fresh fruit areas, the meat section, and grab some water to hydrate that skin. Be strategic, be intentional, and get out of there once the wandering starts setting in!

Sweet Victory

Taking care of your skin can start from the inside out. It doesn’t mean cutting everything that you enjoy, but tweaking some of the things you like all while having a little moderation. With these tips, you can navigate the world a little better and avoid those sugar traps.

Your health determines what kind of life you lead and the way you feel about yourself. You are worthy of feeling and looking your best. Are you ready to go all in for clear skin? Schedule an initial consultation and treatment today, so we can get you on the road to clear glowing healthy skin!

Take care of your skin and body to see radiance from the inside out.

Cheers to clear!


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