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Makeup Wipes & Acne

Makeup wipes do not cleanse your face. Your makeup wipes are lying to you. Swiping your face with a quick wipe is NOT actually “cleansing” your face, even though countless people consider their skin clean by this method only. Makeup wipes cause more breakouts. And they contain some of the worst ingredients.

I don’t care if the honest company made them or if God made them. Don’t use them. They are not an alternative to cleaning your face. They are not great for removing sweat after a hard practice.

Do you want clear skin?

While quick and convenient, many don’t realize that using them at all will wreak havoc on your skin. It’s not a matter of it, it’s a matter of when. The appeal to using makeup wipes is that it truly looks like your makeup is removed when you use them. That is why people don’t feel like they have to follow up with an actual wash. After all, “remover” is right there in the product name, right?

Wrong! And that’s why they’re such a scam.

Makeup Wipes Don’t Clean Your Skin

Mostly, they smear around whatever makeup, dirt, and dead skin is hanging out on your face, leaving a trail of irritated skin in their wake.

Makeup wipes cause irritation due to preservatives that prevent microorganisms from contaminating the wipes. In some, that includes formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsifiers. The bad stuff tucked away inside of makeup wipes is housed in the cleansing ingredient so unless you use an actual facial cleanser, you increase your risk of developing inflammation on your skin.

The texture of 99.9% of makeup wipes is harsh enough to be considered mechanical exfoliants. Most people use some kind of exfoliating product in their skincare routine, so for most people, this is just a little bit too much for your skin to handle.

Over-exfoliating will destroy your skin.

Makeup Wipes Destroy Your Acid Mantle

Scrubbing your face with makeup wipes is literally destroying your acid mantle. Which also leaves you with red, angry skin. Rubbing your skin aggressively causes low-grade inflammation that, over time, promotes skin pigmentation and early wrinkling.

Makeup wipes destroy your acid mantle, which is a delicate and important layer on the surface of your skin that keeps moisture in and junk out. Your acid mantle is how your skin protects itself from viruses, bacteria, and other nasty things that want in.

Your acid mantle deserves love and protection. Throw away your makeup wipes.

What We Recommend Using Instead

What we DO recommend is a double cleanse with our renowned face wash Go Gently cleanser. Use micellar water for makeup removal first, followed by a 60-second cleanse with Beachy Clean Go Gently. You can also use our Skin Dew or Stay Calm toner after practice with a 2 x 2 or 4×4 esthetic wipe instead.

Break up with your wipes. Wash your face. The results will speak for themselves.

If you absolutely must: Keep a bottle of no-rinse micellar water and some organic cotton pads on your bedside table. The combo works like a charm and doesn’t leave your skin dry and itchy in the morning.

AND you’re doing your skin a favor by not using a makeup wipe.

The Takeaway

Our goal is to get your skin so clear that you’ll need minimal makeup to look gorgeous! We don’t recommend makeup wipes at all because they typically contain pore-clogging ingredients like coconut oil and other pore-cloggers *ask us for our list if you are a current client.

Using a makeup wipe, baby wipe, or water wipe as your primary mechanism for removing your makeup or cleansing your face, is only doing long-term damage to your face.

Schedule your initial consultation today & let us help get you started on YOUR clear skin journey.

Cheers to clear!


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