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moisturizer helps clear acne

Moisturizer Helps Clear Acne

Could it be true that moisturizer helps clear acne? It could be the one thing keeping you from clear. It’s really pretty simple, but in the mind’s of our clients it can sometimes be a hurdle to jump.

Most of our clients have suffered with acne for some time, and they generally have tried lots of different solutions from over the counter remedies to prescription solutions prescribed by a dermatologist, and nothing has worked.

And it seems to make sense that you would want to dry out your skin in order to clear it, right?!

Well, that’s where the problem lies.

Drying out the skin can be problematic for acne-prone skin.

Your skin is going to dry out–that’s a given. Our active ingredients in Beachy Clean Clinical Skincare are meant to exfoliate, eat away at the dead skin cells that line the pores of your skin and kill bacteria–which can lead to dryness.

While dry skin is inherent with any acne clearing program, it’s something that we want to combat as much as possible. Our goal is to exfoliate and kill bacteria all while maintaining a nourished barrier.

What does this mean?

It means that we counterbalance the drying effects with moisture. And moisture for people who suffer from acne can often be scary.

We find that clients often don’t want to apply our moisturizer for fear that it’s going to break them out. Or, they apply just a little.

We get it. People are scared to add moisture to the mix.

It’s a common myth about acne that dry skin is going to equal clear skin.

Moisture helps clear acne.

Our moisturizers are designed with acne in mind. They do not contain any pore clogging ingredients, and they work with the active ingredients, supporting them in their work to clear the skin.

When the skin is overly dry, dead skin cells tend to get stuck inside the cell walls, causing impactions. If you receive treatments from us in-clinic, you know that extractions are nearly impossible when the skin is so dry. Everything is stuck and won’t come out.

But, when you have properly hydrated and moisturized skin, extractions are easy. They literally slide out of the pore. And, if you aren’t treating with us in our clinic, just know that moisturized skin allows your impactions to also maneuver their way out of the skin, even without extractions.

However, if you are dry…nothing is going to budge those crusty impactions.

The long and short of this is that we provide a gentle approach to clear skin. We do not believe in the same adage as many dermatologists recommend, which is to dry the heck out of the skin with retinol and other prescription creams.

We have seen it a thousand times…new clients whose skin literally hurts and itches from the harsh effects of a dermatologist’s program.

What’s the point of all of this?

Don’t be afraid to apply our moisturizer and apply it liberally. One to two pumps of Matte Moisture, Moisture Clear and Simply Drenched will only help your skin. If you are barely dabbing on the moisturizer, you are slowing down the process of clearing.

You need moisturizer to clear quickly. Apply it. Love it. Clear it!

Cheers to clear!


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