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Butters Breaking You Out

Natural Butters Causing Breakouts

Are these four natural butters causing breakouts? Let’s talk all about how they are some of the worst pore clogging ingredients in skin care.
We hear it all of the time. 

I use all natural products. My skincare is completely organic. Nothing touches my face that isn’t organic and natural.

We applaud those of you living the super clean and natural lifestyle, and if you are avoiding pore clogging natural ingredients in your skincare, then our hats are off to you for sure!

Listen…our speciality is acne, so that is all we focus on here. If you don’t suffer with acne, then keep on doing what you do with organic and natural skincare. But if you are prone to pimples and pustules, keep reading.

Some of the biggest pore clogging ingredients are found in Mother Nature, especially butters. It doesn’t mean they are bad for people in general. But they are really bad for someone who is fighting congested skin.

There’s something so wonderful about these highly emolient butters, right? They seem to nourish our hair, lips and skin. That’s why skincare and haircare companies love to add them to shampoos, conditioners, creams and lip balms.

Bad Butters 

  • cocoa butter
  • coconut butter (and oil)
  • mango butter
  • shea butter
You may be wondering, so what should I do? Is it really that bad? I love my cocoa butter shampoo.

Get Rid of Butters in Your Beauty Products

There. I said it. Get rid of all the butters in your beauty products if you suffer from acne. Shampoos and conditioners with these pore clogging ingredients will clog the skin on your face, chest and back.
Lip balms seep off of your lips and all over your chin. If you suffer with chin acne, changing your lip product could clear it up quickly. We replace all of our client’s lip balms with our very own acne-safe chapstick.
And, if it’s in your skincare it’s definitely problematic. Get your products out and begin a thorough search through the ingredients. Got butter? Toss it!
It’s pretty simple really. Natural shea, coconut, mango and cocoa oils cause breakouts. When you rid your makeup bag and skincare of them, you will see a significant change in your skin…for the better!
Cheers to clear!

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