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Nut Butters That Won't Break You Out

Nut Butters That Won’t Break You Out

No matter how old you get, how many cuisines you try, how well-traveled you are, or how cultured your palate becomes, there’s nothing like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Nothing tops a good nut butter with its equal parts sweet and salty, it instantly transports you back to the comforts of kid-dom the minute it sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Lucky for us grown-ups, getting our nostalgic, energy-boosting lunchtime fix has never been easier or better for you thanks to the growing number of health- and eco-conscious nut butter brands available today.

Do you want clear skin?

Here are a couple of my favs.

Chunky Almond, Cashew + Coconut Nut Butter

This one is an absolute must for your pantry.

Made in a peanut-, gluten- and dairy-free facility, Ground Up doesn’t add tons of sugar to their jars either. Some of the flavor combos (and oh, there are tons!) are totally sugar-free, while others are “sweetened with just a touch of honey!” And by touch, they mean only one tablespoon in the entire jar.

You’ll also be scooping up 5 grams of protein plus 3 grams of fiber per serving, but that’s not where this brand shines. It’s in the flavor. This vegan, Whole30-friendly roasted almond, roasted cashew, toasted unsweetened coconut, vanilla bean, and sea salt combo has got it all.

The best part—aside from the pretty packaging—is actually the texture. After finely grinding all the good stuff up into a fluffy, spreadable dream, they toss hunks of all three nuts back into the mix for some much-needed crunch.

Perfect Keto Nut Butter

This creamy low-carb treat is a nut butter you can’t say no to.

A perfect blend of raw macadamia nuts, raw cashews, raw coconut butter, MCT oil from coconuts, a dash of real vanilla bean powder, and a pinch of sea salt. This is a clutch grab for anybody dabbling in the keto lifestyle but also great for those with food sensitivities.

It’s loaded with MCTs, those loveable fatty acids that convert to brain and body fuel, has zero added sugar or preservatives, and works great in smoothies. Use it as a topping or dip for other keto-approved snacks or all on its lonesome.

Did we mention it’s pretty darn tasty too? It’s worth getting your fingers on.

Barney Butter

Stay away from the peanut butter and choose an acne-safe nut butter such as Almond, Cashew, etc. with a fan favorite non-gritty creamy smooth Almond butter called ‘Barney Butter’

It’s to die for! Their Unsweetened Powdered Almond Butter gives you a clean, nutrient-dense option and checks so many boxes: peanut free, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, and gluten-free.

And the best part of all, it won’t cause acne flare-ups!

Better Alternatives

Peanuts are high in androgens. Androgens are male hormones that trigger increased oil production in the skin. Oil, though not the cause of acne, is an acne contributor and can make acne worse. We have found a direct correlation with peanuts and cystic pimples. Avoid peanuts, peanut butter and peanut oil if you have acne.

But just because you have to ditch the peanut butter, t doesn’t mean you have to give up all nut butters.

Here are a few equally tasty alternatives that won’t break you out.

Almond Butter

Yet, it’s also a bit more nutritious and boasts a healthy dose of vitamin E. “Nut to nut, almonds have a higher antioxidant content [than peanuts], so they’re going to be more nutrient-dense,” says Gradney. “It’s going to boil down to flavor preference. I personally believe in functional foods, so I believe if you’re going to eat, choose the food that’s going to give you the most benefit nutritionally. I also love raw almond butter, which is rich in Vitamin E and protein and contains more fiber and less saturated fat than peanut butter.

Cashew Butter

With an ultra-smooth, creamy texture, cashew butter is high in copper, magnesium, and phosphorus, and the best nut butter to have on the keto diet, according to dietitians.

Macadamia Butter

Overall, your best bet for replacing peanuts and peanut butter with an acne-friendly alternative is macadamia nuts and homemade macadamia butter.

Sunflower Butter

Try using sunflower butter, which tastes almost exactly like peanut butter, and is made from roasted sunflower seeds that actually clear acne due to their Vitamin E content.

Pecan Butter

If you want to really treat yourself to a luxurious nut butter, try this one on for size.

It has 3 ingredients – pecans, dates, and pink Himalayan salt. THAT’S IT! Whether on waffles or with a spoon, Date Pecan gives you the taste of fall and Thanksgiving year-round.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the high degree of androgens found in peanuts, lectins are another problem with this delicious nut.

Lectins are compounds that plants use to protect themselves.  Just like animals, plants develop natural methods of protection to avoid getting eaten.  Unlike animals, plants can’t run, jump, or swim away from their predators, so they develop antinutrients, like lectins.

Lectins cause acne by damaging the gut. Peanut butter is acne’s enemy. Read about why here.

Our body isn’t able to break down lectins. After ingesting them, they travel through the digestive system fully intact until they reach the intestine. There, they can weaken and damage the lining of the intestine.  Eventually, if the intestine is weak enough, these lectins and other compounds can pass through the wall and trigger inflammation, and with it, inflammatory acne.

You can still enjoy your favorite sweet treat, just make a better choice with a skin-healthy nut butter. If you are struggling with acne caused by food sensitivities, schedule your initial consultation today & let us help you get started on your clear skin journey.

Cheers to clear!


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