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NYX Makeup Review

NYX Makeup Review

Check out our NYX makeup review with Sammy! We were actually pleasantly surprised with some of their products. NYX is an affordable brand or even on the cheaper side. But don’t think that just because it’s less expensive that it won’t be good for your skin.

We reviewed the full brand of NYX in our April make-up review (this means we reviewed every single product and let our members know which ones are acne safe and which ones are not.)

We are going to review three of the acne-safe makeup products to let you know all about their consistency, coverage and overall likability. One of them I am in love and the other two are just meh. I like full coverage makeup and this is more on the lighter side.

First up in our NYX makeup review is “Born to a Glow Concealer.” It goes on pretty light, so if you tend to like heavier, full coverage concealers this may fall a little short for you. It did cover better than expected but still wasn’t quite as heavy as I would have liked.

Next up is the “Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation.” This one’s also great for your acne-prone skin. Actually I really like it. Very light coverage that doesn’t leave you feeling cakey.

Finally for my favorite in my NYX review today: “Setting Spray Mist Multitasking Spray.” It has some really awesome ingredients in it, including cucumber which is hydrating, salicylic acid which can help with acne, and aloe vera leaf juice. It’s pretty simple. I’m gonna lock all of my make up in with this…spritz, spritz, spritz! Oh my god! This smells so good and so refreshing! Oh my gosh I love this stuff. I’m gonna leave this in my car. This smells amazing. It’s probably my favorite NYX product so far.

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