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Omega-3 Fish Oil Helps Combat Acne

Arctic PureResearch suggests that many people who suffer from chronic inflammatory acne may benefit from taking relatively higher doses (1000-1700mg) of purified omega-3 oils present mostly in wild ocean fish, including salmon, mackerel, cod and herring.

Omega-3 oils are anti-inflammatory and the body utilizes them in many ways. For acne sufferers, they may help regulate hormones and help to shorten the intensity of your breakout.  We have found the supplements to be particularly helpful with the hormonal breakouts around the chin and jawline area that women suffer during their cycle.

Please note: that although there is no known toxicity associated with using fish oils over long term, you should check with your physician particularly if you have a chronic underlying illness or are pregnant.

We now carry a high-quality fish oil supplement to help with your acne. Our fish oil capsules are of therapeutic quality and are enteric coated to help assimilate the omega-3’s in the most efficient way possible. In addition they are formulated not to have a fishy after taste and are guaranteed burp free. 

We recommend 1 capsule/2 capsules with the lightest meal of the day.

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