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Pinch Me…I Must Be Dreaming

neighbors gather

Imagine a place where everybody knows your name (a nod to those who remember Cheers)…a local place with local people pampering you. Imagine a place where they not only know your name, but the names of your children and significant others.

Imagine an intimate space…quiet, relaxing and serene.

Imagine a private studio…off the beaten path yet in your own back yard…where you can escape and know that your secrets are safe.

Imagine a respite where you can sip champagne with your girlfriends, snuggle at sunset with your honey, or share momentous occasions with your teen-age daughter for her very-first brow wax.

Imagine feeling connected…feeling cared for…and feeling confident.

It isn’t a dream. It’s “for reals” as the young kids say.

If you’ve been to Beach Beauty Bar, you know this dreamland I write about. It’s a place where we root for you, where we watch your bellies grow (we have lots of expectant moms), where we share in your laughs and console you as you cry.

It’s a place where we nurture your teens and follow their high school teams. We make them feel comfortable whether we are shaping their brows or clearing their skin.

Some days we pump up the jams and sing and dance to Bruno Mars (or my latest obsession Michael Buble…I know, I am a geek) and most days we just bring it down a notch to give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

We LOVE living and working in Huntington Beach. This laid-back lifestyle suits us just fine. And we love being able to connect with our fabulous neighbors whom we have come to call friends.

Pinch me! I must be dreaming.













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