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Polka Dots & Eyelashes — My Kind Of Day!

Last week, we treated a new guest who was in her 70’s. Her car was in the shop, and she was anxious to receive an eyelash tint, so she took two buses to get to the spa. She mentioned that she had just decided she wanted her eyelashes tinted, and that when she wants something done, she does it. She doesn’t waste time thinking about things.

She arrived in red slacks, a white blouse and a red and white polka dotted scarf. Her red and white dotted Keds completed the outfit. She was simply adorable.

She reviewed the menu and considered an eyelash perm, but said she would wait to do that in July for her birthday. We proceeded to tint her lashes jet black, so she could forgo mascara for the summer. She didn’t like it smearing below her eyes. I learned a lot about our guest that day.

As I was finishing her treatment, I asked her if she was taking two buses to get back home. She said yes and told me where she lived. It wasn’t that far from the spa, so I asked Karen to look out our window at the little Smart car wrapped in our Beach Beauty Bar logo. I asked her if I could drive her home in that car with the top down. She gave me a big grin, flashed her gorgeous black lashes, and replied yes. And, off we went.

With the top down and wind in our hair, Karen was thrilled. On our way, we passed Cammy who was biking, and we both waved out of the convertible top.

Karen was elated. And, so was I.

In peace and beauty,




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