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Poop and Pimples – the link between

So you may have found yourself wondering if your digestion issues are linked to your acne. Maybe you’ve even spent time googling, “can constipation cause acne?” There is correlation between poop and pimples. Strange as it might sound, the state of our digestive system has a lot to do with our skin, especially when it comes to acne. Poop and pimples often times go hand in hand.

We will share the link between your bowel movements and acne and what you can do about it!

Do you want clear skin?

Because a healthy digestive track makes for glowing skin.

Inflammation and Poop

When we don’t eliminate properly, toxins aren’t being eliminated properly. Toxins can recirculate throughout our body and trigger an inflammation response, which leads to breakouts. We consume toxins unconsciously on the daily through the food we eat (pesticides), the air we breathe (pollution), the skincare products we use (always choose non-toxic!) and even from our furniture and the clothes we wear.

Infection causing bacteria itself cannot migrate easily from one site of disease to another and jump from stomach to skin, but the inflammatory cascade the bacteria triggers affects the entire body. 

For example, when you have an infection, you get a fever or joint pains all over the body. Inflammation can happen all over the body, so the skin can get inflamed too. The causing agent doesn’t have to be everywhere, but the white blood cells can theoretically respond to them everywhere, including the skin. This is when acne breakouts happen.

So what can you do to improve your BM so you breakout less? Here are a few tips to help you keep regular:

Drink MORE Water to Poop

Stay fully hydrated

An easy way to calculate how much water you should drink daily is to convert your weight into kilograms and drink that many ounces of water each day. For example, 120 pounds converts into 54 kilograms, which means you should drink approximately 54 ounces of water each day. Find a water bottle that you love. It makes drinking water easier.

Fat and Fiber

Increase fruits & vegetables

Increase your fiber consumption to poop more. Aim for six to nine servings of non-starchy fruits and vegetables daily, and consider adding raspberries which contain more grams of fiber per cup than any other fruit or veggie out there!

The Good Guys

Good bacteria ie probiotics/prebiotics

Our body is an ecosystem in itself and loads of tiny microorganisms living in it contribute to keeping it running smoothly. We have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria in our body which modulate immunity and metabolize nutrients. That is why taking probiotic supplements and eating probiotic rich food is good for our body. 

Certain species of bacteria help inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, through inter-bacterial chemical signaling. So, suppose you take too many antibiotics, the good bacteria dies off, so there’s a severe inflammatory reaction.

That’s why you need probiotics, to get healthy bacteria. 

This is also why a lot of wellness and beauty bloggers have taken to promoting probiotics, and swear by the properties of fermented foods like kombucha to help maintain that balance. Eating a cup of kimchi a day can calm a stomach down and curb breakouts to a large extent. 

Keep Your Body Moving

Daily exercise and movement encourage the large intestine to increase its contractions, which promotes bowel movements. What is clear is that our bodies primarily excrete toxins through urine, feces, and sweat. All exercise, particularly cardiovascular exercise, increases your metabolism, which increases intestinal motility (i.e., intestinal contractions that allow you to poop).

  • Drink enough fluid
  • Eat enough food
  • Exercise enough

Final Thoughts

When things go wrong in our body, it often shows on our skin.

Many times, the tell-tale signs of things going wrong in our system, is on our face. So, when our body is functioning properly that also shows on our skin. This explains why our diet, our digestion, and then our skin, are all related to each other.

If you’re suffering from poor gut health, it helps to eat things which help improve it. Monitor what you eat to know what is causing your skin issues.

Schedule your initial consultation today & let us help you achieve the clear skin you deserve.

Are you ready to go all in for clear skin?

Cheers to clear!


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