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Acne Safe Product Brand Reviews

It’s that time of year where we like to take inventory of what we’ve been using on our skin and hair. Are your products acne safe? Do they have pore clogging ingredients in them? Do you even know what pore clogging ingredients are?? We love all things makeup. It’s a great way to enhance your favorite features and make occasions special. However, makeup can also be a major contributor to your skin congestion and breakouts.

Do you want clear skin?

Not only your makeup, but your haircare products are just as much to blame for acne too! Even your most tried-and-true cosmetics could be the reason you’re breaking out!

Nobody is expected to know every ingredient in every makeup product but it’s beneficial to you to at the very least know what’s in your favorites. The ones you use daily. Those products should be acne safe & without pore clogging ingredients.

Sound like a lot of work trying to figure all this out?

Don’t sweat it. That’s where we come in…!

We have done all the work for you and reviewed every single product of several popular makeup brands.  All our reviews are totally up to date as of this Summer.

Breaking Up with Your Makeup

We know it isn’t easy to choose a foundation that checks all the boxes: the right texture, color, consistency, finish (matte or glowy?), and ingredients that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin. Each one of the foundations we recommend on our Product Review list has a unique look and feel, so you can try out a few to find what works best for you but the most important thing about it is: Everything listed is acne-safe!

But take it from the experts: A product’s ingredients should be your #1 concern before putting anything on your skin. No matter what.

Not all products in any one specific brand are safe… Which is why we have product reviews available for you!

Acne Safe Products

Wouldn’t you love to know without a doubt that your makeup and haircare aren’t adding to your skin problems?

People can save themselves so much time, headache, and heartache by purchasing a review of their favorite brand and guarantee what they are putting on their face or using on their hair is not contributing to their acne. We’ve done the heavy lifting.

We provide you with a Safe List of makeup products that you can choose from that won’t break you out. Here are a few options you’ll see on our PDF reviews:

  • Derma blend foundation is acne safe. If you want an option for full coverage makeup. This is a good choice for photo shoots.
  • Fit Me foundation in matte and poreless is acne-safe for those trying to achieve a softer look and feel.
  • NYX powder foundation in the stay matte is acne safe BUT not the flat.
  • Chanel Les Beiges foundation is also a great pick for acne-safe coverage.

We also provide you with a Not Safe List of makeup products that you need to be aware of and steer clear of when shopping. These products contain pore clogging ingredients and WILL break you out.

  • Laura Mercier (loose powder)
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (this one hurt because we know almost every female has this in her makeup bag)
  • Ilia Liquid Super Serum Skin Tint

These simple switches could be the difference between big cystic pimples and clear skin.

If you’re not ready to spend $100s on trying out new makeup brands to see which one works best with your skin & won’t break you out – Save yourself the time & money. Purchase one of our Makeup Review PDFs that will guarantee the products of your favorite brands won’t contain pore clogging ingredients.

Acne Safe Makeup Reviews

We have reviewed entire brands of makeup for pore-clogging ingredients.

The way it works is, we provide you with a simple downloadable PDF that you can save and print. This is a convenient way for you to take the list with you on your next trip to Sephora or Ulta and reference it while shopping online.

If you love makeup and if you have acne, this is a perfect fool proof way for you to shop without buyer’s remorse!

Our acne experts have done all the work for you!

There is nothing for you to do except choose products of the Safe List to purchase and stay away from the products listed on the Unsafe List!

Easy peasy.

We thoroughly research every makeup product in each brand and even look at the individual colors, as sometimes a certain color of a product can be pore-clogging while another color is safe.

If you love makeup, this is a no-brainer!

The Takeaway

Avoiding pore clogging ingredients in your skincare, makeup and haircare products is a good place to start in your clear skin journey, but before you toss out your whole makeup bag or trash your shampoos and conditioners – schedule an appointment with us so we can help you pinpoint exactly what’s causing your breakouts.

Let us help you or purchase a Product Review for the makeup brand you’re using & see for yourself if you need to switch up some of your favorite products.

Cheers to clear!


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