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Say Goodbye to Peach Fuzz with Facial Shaving

Got Unwanted Facial Hair?

Oh em gee! The dreaded facial hair, right?

Do you want clear skin?

Isn’t facial hair only supposed to grow on men?

Facial hair is a reality for so many women. And it comes in all shapes and sizes…fine and thin, thick and unruly, blonde, amber, and dark. It doesn’t discriminate.

It’s pesky and annoying!

Despite taboos about body hair, facial hair is completely natural and normal for women to have! Many women choose to shave for a variety of reasons. While you don’t have to, facial shaving can be a quick and affordable alternative to pricey or painful options like waxing or laser hair removal.

At-home shaving is a less intense form of dermaplaning, in which the face is shaved with a scalpel-like instrument by facialists, dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. Dermaplaning is typically done on dry sky and removes a fine layer of dead skin cells.

While dermaplaning is a great, you can achieve almost the same result at home by shaving your face.

But Won’t Shaving Make My Hair Grow Back Darker & Thicker?

The answer is NO, shaving your face will not make your hair grow back darker, thicker, or coarser. This is many women’s biggest concern about shaving, but there’s no need to worry!

Shaving doesn’t affect the hair follicle, and doesn’t affect how fast the hair will come back.

When you shave, you’re slicing off dead hair at the surface of the skin. Since shaving doesn’t remove hair under the skin like other hair removal methods do, it’s impossible for you to affect its color, thickness, or rate of growth.

What Should I Use To Shave My Face?

If shaving your face is something you’re interested in trying, there are a few things you should know before you get started, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. *Pun intended.

First things first, step away from the Tinkle razor, ladies – it’s definitely not your friend.

I’m sure you’ve seen countless posts on social media and Youtube lately where women or beauty bloggers are using those little tri-colored razors to shave their faces.

Every time I see a post or video encouraging people to use these products I cringe.

There are several different brands on the market but the most popular one that comes to mind are Tinkle razors. While these particular razors offer convenience and promise glowing results, they are actually terrible for your face because using them can create tiny pustules or bumps under your skin resulting in full-blown breakouts.

The blades on those razors injure hair follicles making them highly susceptible to become infected, causing folliculitis.

If you have acne-prone skin, you need to be extra careful while shaving. Tinkle razors are notorious for causing painful skin inflammation due to pseudofolliculitis.  

Instead, use a single edge, disposable razor with our Benz Cleanse or Go Gently Cleanser as directed, or a sanitized non-rotary electric shaver, T-edger or clippers.

These options offer a cleaner, smoother, safer shave without all of the awful side effects.

Beware When Shaving Your Face

Having said all that, shaving should be done with care. When it comes to shaving your face, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution so you aren’t left regretting what could’ve been the greatest beauty hack of your life!

These are most likely attributed to improper shaving techniques. Possible side effects include:

Benefits to Facial Shaving

Well, it turns out shaving actually has some skincare benefits – it’s a great way to exfoliate, so it helps keep your complexion clear and glowing.

It also helps with a flawless looking makeup application, and makes your skin look great on camera – which is why it was a popular trick in Old Hollywood, used on the likes of iconic stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

And here you thought The Kardashian’s coined the phrase; “I woke up like this” – this is nothing new to our most timeless classic beauties.

Beach Beauty Bar Facial Shaving Tips

Don’t use disposable blades more than once or twice. Soak in alcohol for 2 – 3 minutes before use.

Don’t attempt to use twin or triple blade “closer-shaving” razors. The first blade stretches the skin; the second (and third) shaves too close, cutting hair off below the skin line. When the skin bounces back, those hairs are set up to be trapped repeatedly under the skin every time you shave.

Don’t tweeze ingrown hairs. When tweezed hairs grow back (in two to three weeks), they are trapped under the skin line. Those areas become chronic ingrown.

Don’t use a rotary shaver. Circular blade motion cuts the hair in every imaginable direction which can cause more ingrown hairs.

Don’t shave upward, against the grain, or shave back and forth over the same place repeatedly in an attempt to get a closer shave.

Do use a single edge, disposable razor with our Benz Cleanse or Go Gently Cleanser as directed, or a sanitized non-rotary electric shaver, T-edger or clippers.

Don’t forget to spray disinfectant on razors, clipper and/or T-edger blades, guards and attachments before and after shaving. Clippercide is available at beauty supply stores.

Do change your clipper or T-edger blades every six months and don’t share yours with anyone.

Do scrub very gently (with recommended product only) for no more than 30 seconds. Blot your face dry (no rubbing) with a soft towel.

Facial Shaving Step by Step

Step 1: Cleanse

With any routine related to skin care, the first thing you must always do is cleanse your skin and with shaving, it’s no different. Just be sure to dry your face thoroughly with a clean towel before proceeding.

Step 2: Apply Glide Product

Just like shaving any other part of your body, applying a gel or cream will help the razor glide across your face comfortably while keeping your skin hydrated and it also helps reduce any skin irritation. We recommend lathering Beachy Clean facial cleanser to use for glide.

Step 3: Shave

Now comes the moment you have been waiting for. Use a new razor every time you shave in order to avoid razor burns. Pull your skin taut gently and shave in the same direction as the hair is growing (down).

Step 4: Moisturize

And finally, moisturize! Once you’re done shaving, proceed with moisturizing your face. This will ensure that your new skin stays hydrated and soft. For guys, we love finishing a shave with Matte Moisture Hydrating Gel.

How Often Should I Shave My Face?

It depends on how quickly your hair grows! Many women only shave once or twice a month, but some women prefer to shave their faces weekly.

Final Thoughts

Female facial shaving is all the rage right now, and I’m all for it…but if it’s not done correctly the consequences can be really unfortunate.

The good news is that it only takes a few simple adjustments to your routine to achieve a blemish-free shave.

With new, clean blades, the right products, proper shave prep and shave technique, you can get a perfectly smooth shave that shows off your glowing complexion every time.

Facial shaving might not be for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about shaving or dermaplaning your facial hair — Schedule a consultation, and we will provide you everything you need to know.

Cheers to clear!


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