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Toners to Use for Acne

Why I love toners for acne.

You don’t absolutely need a toner to clear. It’s why we don’t add toner to all starter kits. But… Toners do so much! Especially a hydrating toner. If you are dry, adding a splash of skin dew to your routine can absolutely change your skin. What do toners do? It’s like the spice you add to a recipe. They aren’t needed necessarily but they take your routine or skincare recipe to the next level.

Do you want clear skin?

And… lately I have been loving having our clients skip the morning cleanse (your face is already clean from the night before) and just starting with a toner in the morning. This keeps the skin more hydrated.

How Do You Choose the Best Toner for Acne?

There are many different toners on the market and the ingredients they contain vary significantly. There’s no definition of ‘toner’ and so manufacturers can use this label in any way they choose. That means some toners are more effective for treating and preventing acne than others.

If you’re looking for a good toner, we have you covered! We have a great lineup of toners for every skin type. Read more about our toners here.

How Can a Toner Help Acne?

Toners were originally designed to remove soap residue and restore the skin’s pH balance. That’s because old-fashioned alkaline soaps used to leave a mineral ‘scum’ on the skin that could lead to dryness and skin irritation.

Nowadays, most people use pH balanced synthetic cleansers that don’t leave soap scum or an alkaline pH on skin. However, toners are still useful, especially for people with acne.

If your skin is prone to acne, a toner can help by removing excess oil, product, bacteria, and pollutants that may remain after you have washed with a cleanser and water.

The best toners for acne also contain ingredients that reduce redness and inflammation and nourish your skin.

Four Benefits of Skin Toners for Acne

  • In addition to helping remove stubborn oil and product residue from skin, a really great toner can also:
  • prevent clogged pores
  • treat blackheads
  • fight inflammation to prevent pimples and soften acne scars and
  • hold water inside your skin to fight skin dehydration from acne treatment ingredients in your skin care routine.

How to Choose Acne Toner

The most effective ingredients in toner for acne are:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Witch hazel
  • Tea tree oil
  • Glycolic acid
  • Glycerin
  • Hyaluronic acid

How to Apply Facial Toner

The way you apply skincare products is just as important as choosing the right products.

Toner can be applied a few different ways:

  • Use a 2×2 esthetic wipe following cleansing
  • Pour some into your hands and splash it on your face when you want to add a big drink of water to your skin
  • Spritz a moisturizing toner onto your face for added hydration throughout the day

PRO TIP: pre-dampen your cotton with water. Squeeze out the excess, and then apply your chosen toner. Wetting the cotton first stops it from absorbing your product and keeps the toner on the surface of the pad. You waste less product and gain maximum skincare benefits.

We also love to use 2×2 esthetic wipes to apply toner. They don’t soak up the product like a cotton ball or cotton round does, and you get so much more product on the skin with these fabulous wipes.

A Final Note

Anyone can use toner – there are no adverse side effects to using toner but proceed with caution about what types you’re purchasing. Avoid toners that contain alcohol, menthols and fragrance as these ingredients can really mess with your skin’s natural pH and barrier.

Are you curious to know what toner is right for your skin type? Do you want a professional consultation? We’re here for all of your skincare questions and needs.

Book your appointment today & start getting clear tomorrow!

Cheers to clear!


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