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which facial cleansing tool to use

Which Skincare Devices Do You Need?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely been wondering, “Which skincare devices do I really need in my arsenal?” As beauty lovers, one of our favorite things to read about online are new ways to keep our complexion and faces happy. If you’ve ever found yourself descending into an Amazon black hole, you know there are dozens of gizmos ranging from the practical to the wacky. There are thousands of intriguing gadgets on the market today to ponder over. But are they a necessity? And most importantly, are they safe for your skin?

We’re all for staying up on the latest & greatest ways of doing things. But there aren’t many devices needed to achieve the clear skin you’re working so hard to maintain. There are however, a few things to stay away from and here’s why.

Do you want clear skin?

Clarisonic Skincare Device

Do you use a Clarisonic to wash or exfoliate your face? Is this a skincare device you need? The idea of it is appealing (especially to those who are desperate to see fast results from breakouts) however; electronic tools can actually be harmful to the skin.

Ultrasonic and exfoliating facial cleansing brushes like the ones by Clarisonic have been all the rage in recent years. We get it… they seem like a good idea. Dentists recommend electric toothbrushes to clean your teeth better, so wouldn’t the same logic apply to your face?

Not exactly. These brushes provide intense exfoliation and when used improperly (or too often), they strip the skin of its natural, protective layer, leading to over dryness and irritation… ultimately making acne worse.

What most people don’t know is that can be accomplished with any number of other approaches that don’t involve a brush. I’ve never been a fan of electric devices for facial exfoliation due to the risk of overdoing it. Our clients are struggling with acne prone skin (sometimes severe cases) which is inflamed – using an electric brush will only cause a more aggressive form of acne and traumatize the epidermis. Just say NO to Clairsonics!

Facial Scrubbers or Exfoliating Pad Skincare Devices?

The effects of facial scrubbing pads or loofahs can be much more harsh. Abrasive pads are definitely not a skincare device you need.

When you have a painful cystic breakout that is inflamed or in the process of healing, it is best to avoid using cleansing brushes altogether. And when you’re using acids in your exfoliating/skincare routine, (you most likely are if you’re a client of ours) steer clear of using ANY instrument on your face or acne.

Though these brushes are heavily promoted by brands and beauty influencers, they are doing more harm than good. Instead, using a good medicated cleanser with your bare hands will do a better job at treating and preventing acne. Especially when coupled with the right acne treatment routine and moisturizer. Facial cleanser and skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy. However, we do start almost every single client, even the oiliest of the oily, on our Go Gently Cleanser.

What Device Is Best For Acne Prone Skin Types?

If you REALLY want to have a skincare device to use at home we love the handheld LightStim LED light for acne and anti-aging. If you are lucky enough to have treated with us personally in our clinic, you most likely have received an LED light treatment.

One of my favorite moments is when clients look in the mirror right after we are done completing extractions. Their skin is generally quite red and could even be inflamed in some areas but witnessing their reaction to seeing their skin transform to clear is why I love this work.

There are many LED light panels on the market. We utilize the CELLUMA LED light panel in our clinic with all clients new to our acne clearing program. We find the benefits of using LED after extractions to be phenomenal, and that is why we include it with all treatments in the early stages of clearing.

For clients with severe acne, we recommend the handheld LightStim for Acne to help expediting clearing and healing. There are varying thoughts about how to incorporate LED light into a skin routine. We suggest using LED light on clean skin without any other serums on your skin. Cleanse your skin, use your light and then proceed with your regular routine.

We love LED for clearing acne, and people who use the light at home clear more quickly.

Whether you have moderate acne or just a pimple here and there, LED light makes a world of difference in clearing congested skin.

A Final Note

It’s important to remember that our skin is a remarkable, self-sustaining organ. The cells are replaced about every four weeks, and gentle washing with occasional in clinic exfoliation is all that is needed.

New skin beginnings are waiting for you at Beach Beauty Bar & Acne Clinic. If you are breaking out after using a face scrubbing implement or after being clear for some time, schedule an appointment with us so we can identify what may be triggering your flair ups. There is always a reason for breakouts and we’re here to help you get clear!

Cheers to clear!


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