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Why You Aren’t Getting Results From Your Skincare

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t seeing results from your skincare regimen? Or why you’re breaking out all of a sudden? Or why a skincare product works wonders on your friends’ skin but doesn’t agree with yours?

It might be because you’re making some skincare mistakes without even being aware of them.

Do you want clear skin?

That being said, there are a couple of skincare mistakes that are a constant problem for most people.

By addressing them and helping you fix them, your skincare routine will be back on track and the long-desired results you’ve been working so hard for will be on your way.

Results Take Their Sweet Time

While many of us focus on what we are applying to our skin, we rarely bring our awareness to how much product we are applying. If you’re using too little product – what that actually translates to is you’re reducing your product’s efficacy.

Something else to keep in mind is: Certain active ingredients work faster than others. Visible results from the same product can come at different times depending on the types of ingredients you’re layering it with each time. This is also why it’s important to apply your products in the correct order.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to having results in skincare. Nothing works overnight. It generally takes from four to eight weeks to see measurable changes from a product. As painful as it can be to wait it out, consistency and patience really are integral when it comes to seeing results.

It takes time for your skin to turn over; it doesn’t happen overnight. Sticking with a consistent routine and using the right amount of products will yield great results, so don’t give up.

Different Skincare Results Require Different Products

It’s also worth noting that certain skin conditions respond to treatment more efficiently than others.

Treating dry skin may take a matter of weeks, while reducing wrinkles, fading dark spots, or tackling acne typically takes months — yes, more than one.

People with acne also have a healthy fear of products, so it’s inherent that they use only a little. But that thinking will backfire. For instance, so many of our clients worry that using “too much” moisturizer will exacerbate their acne breakouts, when in fact their skin needs the moisture to heal & achieve results!

Product usage is one of the biggest issues with our clients if they aren’t getting clear.

Size Actually Does Matter In Skincare Results

Size does matter when it comes to knowing how much of which skincare product you should be using to get the best results. With the wide variety of skin care products in your daily skincare regimen, it can get daunting and outright confusing to know exactly how much or how little of each product to use.

How much you should use depends on different aspects, such as the concentration of active ingredients, and even the kind of skincare product, i.e., serums, moisturizers, and SPF. There are however general guidelines accepted by dermatologists and skincare experts.

Using too little cleanser will not perform its task & will leave dirt & debris on your skin leading to clogged pores & breakouts.

Using too little serum will obstruct even distribution of the product, leaving your face dull & lifeless.

All skin types need hydration regardless of how oily your skin may be. A moisturizer increases water content in the skin. Using too little moisturizer will not be sufficient to prevent further water loss. This can make your skin feel flaky and dull as it is not hydrated properly.

Using just a dot size of sunscreen is the equivalent of not using any at all.

Typically, kids (especially) or people, in general, trying to save money will scrimp on product usage, using just a tiny amount to apply all over their face. This results in having little to no effect on your skin.

It isn’t enough product.

  • A Plus requires 3-4 full pumps to have maximum efficacy (pulling up pigmentation)
  • SPF requires a half teaspoon for face application

Professional Help Can Speed Up The Process

Using too little product does not allow the active ingredients to work on your skin effectively, or it may cause harm to your skin, as well as under-protect your skin from environmental factors. Using less than the desired amount can also cause difficulty in cleaning your skin which in turn causes hindrance in the absorption of other skincare products. Hence, you won’t get the benefits.

Save in-clinic treatment costs by using products the way they are designed to be used and clear your skin more quickly.

If you’re unsure about the amount you should be using, we are always available to answer your questions.

The Key Is Patience

The most important thing to take away is that glowing skin is a long game and patience is your friend. At the end of the day, the goal is to find products that actually work for your skin long-term and not that work for your skin right now.

If you are constantly changing up your skincare routine and adding new products, you won’t give your skin a chance to adjust or make progress. The best thing to do is be consistent; as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

The key to products making a lasting effect with positive skincare results is using them consistently and using the right amount.

Are you ready to go all in for clear skin? Schedule your initial consultation and treatment today, so we can get you on the road to clear skin!

Cheers to clear!


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