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Ahi Flower – Plantbased Alternative to Fish Oil

Ahi flower oil as an alternative to fish oil for omega vitamins. This is great news for people who are vegan. It’s better than flax seed even. However, reviewing differences between all of the supplements that are on the market is an undertaking, to say the least.

Not only are there hundreds of options on the market but the options for vegans can be pretty nil.

Do you want clear skin?

Enter Ahi Flower oil.

This oil is a non-GMO vegan source of daily omegas. Grown only in select fields within the United Kingdom, Ahi flower is the most environmentally friendly omega-3 supplement.

What is Ahi Flower?

Ahi flower oil is derived from the corn gromwell plant (Buglossoides arvensis). This flowering plant is mainly found in the United Kingdom. Known for being rich in the essential omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), ahi flower oil also contains high amounts of stearidonic acid (SDA).

You’ll find SDA—a lesser-known omega-3 fatty acid—in other vegan staples, like hemp seed oil and spirulina.

Why Ahi Flower is Better Than Fish Oil

Marine-based products – whether from fish or krill – are not a good option for vegetarians, vegans, or those who simply don’t want to consume fish or seafood.

Now, getting your essential fatty acids from plant sources isn’t a new concept. Flax seed and chia seed oils, for example, are marketed as contenders to fish oil because they also contain omega-3s.

Problem is, the omega-3s in most plant oils are in the form of ALA. ALA doesn’t give your body the same health benefits as the “superstar” omega-3s EPA and DHA found in fish oil.

Plus, you’ve got to watch out for plants oils that are genetically modified. Any alteration has the ability to transform a plant’s fatty acids from healthy to deadly.

So even if you don’t follow a vegan diet, if you care about our fish, oceans and planet, ahiflower oil could be the plant-based answer you’ve been waiting for.

Health Benefits of Ahi Flower

Because fish oil can be tough to stomach for some people and acts as a blood thinner, ahi flower oil is a well-tolerated substitute for taking aim at inflammation. Polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids improve acne, due to their anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

Thanks to advances in biochemistry, we now know that different types of fatty acids exist in nature. While the human body can synthesize its own fatty acids, it can’t produce all the fatty acids that are important for human health. These essential fats, or healthy fats, as we’ve come to know them, can only be obtained from certain foods or supplements.

Thanks to ahi flower oil’s natural abundance of omega-3s, omega-6s and the omega-9 oleic acid, it offers the following supportive health benefits:

  • cardiovascular function
  • bones and joints
  • brain function
  • immune function
  • blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range
  • Naturally uplifts mood

There’s Nothing Fishy About Ahi Flower

Ahiflower oil also has a clean taste and aroma and no “yuck factor”— no fishy burps or after taste.

While a month’s supply of typical Peruvian fish oil takes about 60 fish out of the ocean, a month’s supply of Ahiflower oil only takes about 60 square feet of sustainably managed, non-GMO Ahiflower seed crop to grow year after year.

Ahi Flower oil is plant-derived and made from harvested seeds. These seeds are then pressed to extract the oil so there’s no fishy taste, no fishy smell and no fishy after effects.

Ahi Flower oil is 100% vegan and vegetarian. The oil is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians and is free from dairy, gluten, added sugar, salt, yeast and does not include any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Ahiflower® represents a sustainable and efficient alternative to get one’s daily fill of essential omega-3 fatty acids. It boosts EPA levels in the body more effectively than standard options in walnuts and flax seeds, and it comes without the potential fish taste, smell, and burps of regular fish oil gels.

Are you ready to go all in for clear skin?

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