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Staying clear in college isn’t an impossible feat. Just when you thought you already survived the dreaded acne after high school, you get the shock of your life as you face that angry red zit again in front of your bathroom mirror. Enter college – doing thesis papers, cramming for upcoming exams, prom, and all the things that would possibly cause stress-acne.

For some, acne can be worsened while in college due to big changes happening in their lives and the breakouts may seem never-ending. But, if you have already been working with us during high school, you should be a-okay in college with a few simple tips to guide you.

Do you want clear skin?

Whether we like it or not, college years cause a change in most people’s lifestyles causing stress potentially leading to unhealthy habits that could worsen acne while in college.

But how do we cure or manage acne during college years, which can be called college acne blues?

Control the Controllables

A major factor in keeping your skin clear is to make sure the rest of your daily routine is perfect. There are several things that are unpredictable and out of your control in a college student’s life, but remember there are things you can control.

Daily Skincare Routine — Morning and Night

Don’t wait until 1 AM in the morning to do the night routine. Do it early in the evening so it has more time to work. 8 or 9 PM is perfect even if you don’t plan to go to bed until 1 AM. Get it done early.

Keep a Simple College Skincare Routine

Developing a simple skincare routine is important as it strengthens your skin and prepares it for any effects of aging or breaking out. Aside from this, it is also important to cleanse your face at least 2x a day, followed by moisturizing sunscreen during the daytime.

Sunscreen daily is important even at a young age. A lot of skincare ingredients can lose their effectiveness when exposed to UV rays so make sure you’re reapplying at appropriate times.

Here is a simple skincare routine for a college student to prevent acne:

  1. Cleanse twice a day with a gentle cleanser. We recommend Go Gently. Double cleansing is recommended if you wore makeup during the day.
  2. Use a daily treatment serum and moisturizer recommended by us. We will help you choose the perfect moisturizer for daytime use and the perfect moisturizer to pair with your night serums.
  3. Apply facial sunscreen with SPF 30+ as your final step of the morning routine.

Exercise Often

Beyond the acne caused by our bodies feeling stressed, the negative emotional stress associated with acne makes the skin more susceptible to inflammation and breakouts.

Finding time to exercise in college can be hard, but it has to be done. If you’re constantly feeling stressed, anxious, or unable to concentrate, your hormone levels will spike, which will make your skin go crazy.

Exercise is good for improving or treating stress acne as it regulates the hormones while fighting fatigue and helping you maintain alertness.

Eat Healthy

Now let’s talk about food.

I know and I understand what you’re thinking: “I’m staying in my dorm, I have no time to cook, and I have a lot of thesis, projects, and exams to work o. How am I supposed to eat healthy with all these things going on as a college student?”

Here’s how:

  • Avoid top ramen and packaged Asian noodles. They contain way too much sodium.
  • Read the labels on everything you keep in your dorm room for snacks.
  • Choose safe cereal and non-dairy milk for breakfast or oatmeal.
  • Try to choose salad bars, veggies, and grilled meats in the dining hall. Be careful of salad dressings. Choose vinegar and olive oil as a safe alternative.
  • Choose sorbets instead of ice cream.
  • Choose a baked potato with butter instead of mashed potatoes or au gratin potatoes.
  • Choose a deli sandwich and make sure there’s no cheese.
  • Try to cook your own meals as much as possible.
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand in your dorm room: popcorn, fruits and veggies, and non-dairy ice cream in the fridge.

Your Homework Prior to Heading off to College

On a related note, I’d like to share a pro tip for maintaining your clear skin while you’re away from home. It’s possible the dining hall at your college campus is preparing/cooking their foods with an oil that will exacerbate your acne-prone skin.

One thing you can do prior to heading off to campus is to contact the food director at your particular university & find out what kind of oil they’re using. A client recently did this and found the school uses soy or vegetable oil. While both are not great, we advised asking for vegetable oil. Soy is way too triggering.

Ask for alternative options the campus provides for those with food sensitivities.

This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be provided great options, however, it’s always better to try & be more prepared for possible roadblocks or manageable factors in your clear skin journey.

The Takeaway

Handling acne as a college student is about taking care of yourself, and that’s one of the first things that many people learn about the hard way during their first years out of the house they grew up in.

And those changes in your body, diet, hormones, and habits can all have a serious impact on your skin health.

While we’ve discussed the variety of potential solutions to college acne, it must be stated that staying in close contact with us is really the best tool you can use in your skincare routine. If you are struggling, we can help you with a quick virtual appointment to help pinpoint the problem.

If you have been working with us for a while and you’re headed off to college, stay the course. You know what to do. We have empowered you. Just keep at it and always ask us if you have a question. And while you may not get a degree in clear skin, we know you will always be glowing from within.

Cheers to clear!


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