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Cream Cleanser & Acne

Cream cleanser & acne might not sound like they go together, but hear me out. If you’ve got dry acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, or skin that always feels tight after cleansing, you may want to switch to a cream cleanser.

Also known as cleansing cream, this type of formula is both gentler and more hydrating than other kinds of face wash, like foams and gels. That’s because it has a thicker, richer texture and produces only a mild lather (or no lather at all). Not only does it clean your skin without throwing off its pH level or stripping its protective barrier, but it can also deposit soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

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Different Skin Types Have Different Needs

There’s not a one-size-fits-all product, but if your skin is feeling sensitive, tight, dry or irritated, it’s time to consider alternatives to your go-to cleansers and think about swapping in a cream cleanser.

Cream cleansers are typically the most calming, soothing, and moisturizing; they’re essentially like cleansing lotions. Cream cleansers imply a higher order of moisturizers as compared to traditional liquid or foam cleansers. The idea is that when cleansing, instead of using a more traditional liquid cleanser or even true soap that will strip sebum and good oils from your skin, a cream cleanser will cleanse via the act of washing, but also help leave the skin with more moisture.

How to Use Cream Cleansers

Not all cream cleansers and acne cleansers have the same benefits. Essentially you dampen skin with lukewarm water. Apply a pearl-sized amount of your cleanser to damp hands. Then, massage gently into the skin with an upward motion. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

There are different formulas for every type of concern, and certain acne cream cleansers are more powerful than others. Personally, I always use a cream cleanser at night, especially if I’ve worn any makeup or waterproof sunscreen (and I *always* use SPF). A good double cleanse to wash the day off your face is best. I’ll start with Go Gently (this one is an absolute favorite) to remove any products or impurities, before washing my face with a cream cleanser.

Cream cleansers are more hydrating and gentle than other cleansers, which is why they’re a particularly good choice for those with impaired skin barriers. They are great for all skin types but especially important for those who have dry skin, sensitive skin, allergies, eczema, or more mature skin.

Most people are over-cleansing their skin and actually drying it out. Added with over-exfoliation, many people are inducing dryness and irritation which leads to more redness. Cream cleansers targeting acne will have a combination of oils and vitamin E together to bring a healthy balance to your dermis.

Cream cleansers help guard against inflammation, making them a great choice for acne-prone as well as sensitive skin types.

What to Look For in a Cream Cleanser

Some clients may be resistant to using a cream cleanser but the cream cleanser will determine how well the active products work on your skin. When the actives work better, your results are better. Acne-prone complexions can require many drying ingredients like salicylic acid. Creamy cleansers help keep things on the up and up. Rather than drying skin out, you have to normalize it or balance it. Milky cleansers keep the skin’s pH more balanced. The result is a clean (yet calm) complexion when using a cream cleanser on acne-prone skin types.

The best ingredients in a cream cleanser are:

Aloe vera

Containing mostly (95%) water, aloe vera is hydrating and calming for the skin. It also has excellent cleansing and very gentle exfoliant properties.

Green tea extract

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity with the ability to soothe and calm redness.

Stearic acid

Helps cleanse debris from the skin while its emollient properties protect the skin’s surface against water loss.

What to Expect from a Cream Cleanser

Cream and/or milk cleansers avoid the suds altogether and instead give you a creamy formula that mildly cleanses the skin. They’re meant for more sensitive, acne-prone dry skin types and use natural oils and emulsifiers to cleanse the skin while helping to soothe any redness and inflammation.

You’ll want to use these on dry skin, much like you would a foamy cleanser, as this helps to increase its cleansing abilities, leaving you with fresh, hydrated skin.

Introducing Creme Fresh

We are thrilled to introduce our new cream cleanser, Creme Fresh, which will be available in our clinic and online store the week of August 15. This luxurious and non-greasy cleanser won’t clog your pores and provides a hydrating foundation for your daily skincare routine. Add it in a few times per week or daily to keep your skin balanced.

The Bottom Line

Trying to find the best cleanser can be a struggle given that there are so many options on the market. But hopefully understanding how each one works will help you to narrow down your search! Don’t feel limited by one particular cleanser category either as the formula is also extremely important.

At the end of the day, it’s all about ingredient lists and personal preference & skin type so you can choose what works best for you. In general, you’ll experience a difference in your skin immediately in terms of it feeling more supple and nourished when you cleanse with a cream cleanser.

Don’t wait another day to have healthier, brighter, and smoother skin. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so we can help you get started on your clear skin journey!

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