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How to Banish Bacne

Let’s talk about Bacne (Back-Acne).

Do you want clear skin?

Summer is well on its way, but if you struggle with back acne, you might not be ready to say goodbye to your trusty sweaters just yet. It’s a stressful time – especially if you’ve spent more than one occasion staring at a cystic breakout on your back, wondering if you can get away with wearing a sweater in 70 degree weather.

I think it goes without saying, having back acne affects your self-confidence, but we can reassure you that covering up isn’t your only option.

Bacne emerges because like your face, your back has sebaceous (oil) glands. The main difference is that the pores and hair follicles on your back are larger than the ones on your face. So when the oil on your back combines with dead skin cells and other bacteria, it’s a surefire way to experience a breakout.

But we can’t put all the blame on pore size for our bacne woes. There are several reasons one can experience back breakouts. Genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle and hygiene all influence acne-formation.

The good news is, there are precautions you can take to avoid back acne and breakouts.

Clean up Your Diet, Clean up Your Bacne

What if I told you there’s a link between nutrition and healthy skin? It’s true!

Keeping track of your eating habits is the key to glowing skin. Writing a food diary can help you find the perfect diet for your skin – It’s simple, you just need to start!

We can’t change our genes, but dietary changes make a huge difference for acne prone people with bacne.

There are a lot of people out there, especially on social media, proclaiming that a special diet helped them to achieve flawless skin. Certain dietary habits can lead to an increase in sebum production which in turn leads to blocked pores thanks to a higher production of hormones and insulin. Many people state that their acne gets worse after consuming high glycemic foods with a high content of saturated fatty acids, such as chocolate.

Switch Up Your Shower Routine

We all love a steaming hot shower now and then, but to avoid disrupting your skin’s natural oil production, it’s best to keep the water temperature lukewarm and stick to sulfate-free hair and body products.

Even with sulfate-free products, a good rule of thumb is to wash and condition your hair before washing your body. This will ensure that there is no pore-clogging residue left behind to cause bacne.

If you can’t stand the idea of washing your conditioner out right away, use a hair clip to keep it off of your back. And ditch the loofah, too. It’s a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

Dirty shower accessories can quickly undo the good done by your daily cleansing.

Wet loofahs, damp towels, and moist bath brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria that will compromise clear skin and cause bacne. In addition to frequently washing your favorite towel, replacing your loofah every three weeks and using a body brush with natural fibers is highly recommended. This will limit the available hiding places for fungus and bacteria.

Exfoliate Your Back

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that can benefit from regular exfoliation.

If you really want to up your shower game, apply an exfoliating mask and scrub to your back a few minutes prior to jumping in. (You might want to ask for help with this!)

Wash Your Back

We hope this goes without saying, but showering and washing your back on the reg can really help to reduce bacne breakouts. Wash your back with soap and water every day and use a back loofah to reach any parts of your back that you can’t reach on your own.

Wash Your Back Last

Repeat after us: always wash your back after you wash your hair. When you rinse your hair, ingredients from your shampoo and conditioner can run down your back, clogging pores and creating bacne breakouts.

Wash and rinse your hair thoroughly, then wash your back to remove any extra residue.

Wash Your Clothing

When was the last time you washed your bra? Unwashed bras accumulate bacteria, which can contribute to bacne. If you wear bras, wash them after every single wear (especially sports bras).

Never re-wear workout clothes, and wash your sheets regularly!

It’s easy to neglect a pile of dirty laundry until you realize you’re on your last pair of socks, we’re giving you some motivation to make laundry day a little more routine.

Backne usually stems from a few things:

1) Improper laundry care — linens and clothing clogging the pores from detergents, etc.

2) Hair products (even if you have short hair)

3) Workout routine — not washing ASAP

Every night, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells are transferred to your bed sheets and pillows. So washing your sheets regularly can help prevent body breakouts, especially if you’re already predisposed to acne.

To ensure you’re doing everything possible to prevent back acne flare-ups, make sure to swap out your towels regularly.

Final Thoughts

Body acne and facial acne are really caused by the same thing: Pores clog up with sebum and dead skin, which elicits an inflammatory response — especially when C. acnes bacteria gets involved. But with some simple lifestyle habits and a consistent skincare routine, you can manage your acne, no matter where it shows up.

Taking good care of your skin lays the foundation for good hygiene and prevents potential breakouts, whether that’s on your face or your body.

If you’re still breaking out after checking all of these tips off your list, it’s time to make an appointment for a consultation. If you are struggling, we can help you with a quick virtual appointment to help pinpoint the problem.

Cheers to clear!


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