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Humidify for Hydration

Most of us grow up thinking of a humidifier as something our mom would put in our room when we were sick. In fact, humidifiers don’t just humidify the air, they are useful for a lot more than that, especially when it comes to our skin. They’re actually wonderful skin care tools that not only help your skin look better but feel better, too. One thing we know for sure is that our clients get dry when clearing acne. It’s part of the process, but we want to do everything possible to maintain our skins moisture.

Dry skin does not equal clear skin.

Do you want clear skin?

Humidify for Skin Hydration

Dry, flaky skin is a year-round issue most commonly associated with the bitter cold of winter. The truth? No matter the season, dry skin is a constant. Slathering yourself with the right creams and oils can help, but that thin layer of lotion will only get you so far when dry air is constantly pulling water from your skin. You might not be able to control the weather, BUT you can maintain the environment inside your home.

The solution? A good ol’ humidifier.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

As you may or may not know, a humidifier is basically a device that turns water into steam with the purpose of increasing the amount of water in the air.

Humidifier Benefits for Skin

Even if you don’t have dry skin, you probably know the feeling — the weather turns cold and suddenly your skin feels like sandpaper. Dry, itchy, maybe even flakey. Between the cold air outside and the way heating systems dry out the air indoors, it’s hard to escape the feeling.

That’s where a humidifier comes in handy. It can help restore water in the air, thus benefiting your dry, dehydrated skin. It’s also a great anti-aging tool, because whenever hydration is restored to the skin, it helps make fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

When your skin’s protection barrier is damaged (or dry), it creates small cracks in the skin, causing moisture to escape. Running a humidifier pulls moisture back into the air to improve dry, itchy skin and help it retain that hydration. Cracked lips, limp hair, itchy skin, and bad allergies are all conditions that can improve with the use of a humidifier.

Who Should Use a Humidifier?

The easy answer here is everyone, as we could benefit from well-hydrating skin during dry cold weather. Even those with oily will benefit from using a humidifier, as oil-rich skin can still become dehydrated (aka, lacking water)!

A humidifier for people with dry skin in particular is crucial, especially during the winter, as cold weather exacerbates dry skin. That said, it’s also crucial to use a great moisturizer regularly, such as our Moisture Clear hydrating moisturizer which delivers deep, long-lasting hydration. Made with aloe vera and ceramides. It’s the perfect moisturizer to calm and relieve dry, dehydrated skin.

Remember to Drink Water

And as always, drink plenty of water. Don’t sleep on this step! It’s crucial when it comes to retaining moisture.

How to Choose One

There are many options on the market, including warm, cool mist, steam vaporizers, and ultrasonic machines.

Your humidifier of choice largely depends on room size. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cool mist humidifiers are the safest option. Warm mist humidifiers run hot and can cause burns if you get too close, making them potentially dangerous for children or pets.

Humidifiers come in just about every style and option you can think of, and at just about every price point. Here are a few of our favorite humidifiers:

The Best Bedroom Humidifier

[Pure Enrichment: MistAire Cloud]

This humidifier is perfect for a teen or anyone really! Everyone gets dry skin which is why it’s so important to keep our rooms hydrated. Try this little cloud-shaped humidifier that lasts up to 24 hours.

The Best Portable Humidifier

[Hey Dewy Portable Cool Mist Facial Humidifier]

Good things come in small packages—like this antimicrobial humidifier with a permanent filter. It’s completely wireless making it easy to take with you wherever you made need a little skin boost.

The Best Small Desk Humidifier

[LtYioe Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier]

While this little gem isn’t completely wireless, it is USB compatible so you can virtually plug it in anywhere. It’s also small enough to fit on your desk or nightstand or even in your car, making it perfect for tiny spaces.

The Best Quiet Humidifier

[Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier]

Not that the other humidifiers are super loud, but this one is practically “whisper quiet” (so it’s basically silent, which is perfect for the little ones or light sleepers), while distributing the mist in any direction you want with its adjustable 360-degree lid to make sure the air in your space is fully hydrated without the noise.

The Takeaway

You still have plenty of time to perfect your cold weather skin routine and master tricks for keeping your skin healthy for years to come. Using a humidifier can be sort of life changing — It really is one of those items everyone should have in their skin care toolbox!

We’re here to help you on your clear skin journey. But we also educate our clients on how to take the best care of their skin even when it’s already glowing. It’s important to give the largest organ in our body TLC throughout the year.

You don’t have to sacrifice soft supple moisturized skin for clear skin. If you’re struggling with dry skin or any other skin woes, schedule an appointment today so we can help you get started on your clear skin journey.

Cheers to clear!


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