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The Cost of Waiting to Clear Acne

The worst thing you could possibly procrastinate about is your skincare routine. The cost of waiting to clear your acne is steep. You might be asking yourself how that’s true. For the sake of perspective there are 3 major areas you lose in when you’re waiting. The first is obvious, and that’s your money.

The second is a little less apparent to the naked eye, but much more evident to your mental health and that’s the emotional anguish you suffer. And the third is tied into the second but again just as important. The lack of knowledge you face when trying to tackle the war on acne.

Do you want clear skin?

There are seemingly limitless skin care products available, and most people have drawers full of products that just don’t work. How frustrating is that?! Not to mention the money spent on these products. You achieve zero results or worse… exacerbating the already terrible problem you started with.

Burning Your Hard Earned Cash to Clear Acne

Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on product only to be let down with the results?

Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen prey to an impulse buy at least once in our lives. But to lose on a bet with our skincare is a loss we can’t afford to make.

Often times we’ll believe if it’s priced higher and found on all the high-end shelves, it has to be good! That may be true but its more effective to go off of ingredients and proven results over a number of years. Plus, why spend more on something that does the same thing for less?

Another thing to keep in mind is… In most cases, the best products aren’t going to be plastered all over those women’s magazines you’re reading. The kind of skincare you need to clear acne are medical-grade products. Which means they have undergone rigorous testing that is not required of products you’ll find in pharmacies or grocery store shelves. Legally, these products are only available from experts like dermatologists & estheticians.

The products we use to clear your acne are different because they can offer more concentrated ingredients than the more common options. That’s also why you’ll notice a discrepancy in size, but don’t let that fool you. The so-called “skin care” products you find in stores and even at high-end boutiques use a lot of fillers because they’re not allowed to include higher concentrations of active ingredients in their products.

In other words, a little really does go a long way when you’re choosing the right products.

Leave the Acne Clearing to the Professionals

Have you ever tried to hodge podge a program of your own?

This might sound silly because while some people have worse acne than others but it’s true. If you’re experiencing breakouts that you can’t get under control or you can’t clear on your own – that’s when the big dogs step in, aka us. We aren’t discounting your credibility when it comes to doing the right thing. Think of it like this: If you’re car broke down, you might *think* you know what’s wrong with it and you might try a couple things to sort it out on your own. BUT if after spending money and tinkering around you find it’s still not running, what do you do? You call a mechanic & you take it to them to repair it! Doing that first, would save you a lot of time and money but we sometimes have to make mistakes to learn.

There are SO many products and online “experts” these days, it’s extremely risky to chance using a product that a YouTube tutorial or a TikTok reel recommends. Never take advice from someone you don’t know. When you’re seen as a client of ours, we get to know you on a personal level (from what laundry soap you use to what you eat daily) knowing these things are crucial to your healing and clear skin journey.

Don’t Go it Alone

Another factor to consider is when we “build our own” program for clearing acne – we tend to use either too little product or too much product. This does not allow the active ingredients to work on your skin effectively. Doing this may cause harm to your skin, as well as under-protect your skin from environmental factors. Using less than the desired amount can also cause difficulty in cleaning your skin. Which in turn causes hindrance in the absorption of other skincare products. Hence, you won’t get the benefits.

Save in-clinic treatment costs by using products the way they are designed to be used and clear your skin more quickly.

If you’re unsure about the amount you should be using, we are always available to answer your questions.

The Mental Costs of Waiting to Clear Acne

And last but definitely not least, the mental anxiety of constantly searching and googling to find an answer is damaging beyond our skin. Who do you believe?  Which products are really clean?  Etc. This becomes a mental battle of overwhelm that is truly unnecessary.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne takes a toll on one’s emotional health. Researchers have found in study after study that people with acne can also develop:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor self-image
  • Decreased quality of life
  • A feeling of being all alone

It was not uncommon for teenagers to report bullying, feeling unattractive, embarrassment or avoiding social interactions like dances, sports or even class participation.

What’s worse is that this emotional distress is not only limited to those struggling with moderate or severe acne. Even mild acne can bring on feelings of unattractiveness. Research shows that the longer acne lasts, the more likely it affects one’s emotions. Delaying treatment can also lead to emotional distress and permanent acne scars.

But whatever the cause may be, one thing is certain: acne is a medical condition that warrants treatment by a professional.

The Takeaway

The most important thing to take away from this is that reaching your skin goals CAN be done. Your goals are achievable. Glowing skin is a long game and patience is your friend. But you absolutely need to be doing it with proper guidance. At the end of the day, the goal is to find products that actually work for your skin long-term and not that just work for your skin right now.

If you are constantly changing up your skincare routine, adding all the new products & spending loads of money you won’t give your skin a chance to adjust or make progress. The best thing to do is be consistent; as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

The key to products making a lasting effect with positive skincare results is using them consistently and using the right amount.

Are you ready to go all in for clear skin? Schedule your initial consultation and treatment today, so we can get you on the road to being confident and clear!

Cheers to clear!


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