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Wishy Washy About Cleanser

With all the options for cleanser on the market today, we understand why anyone would be wishy washy about which one to use!

Like most skin care products, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all face wash. Dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, pollutants, and other contaminants affect skin differently depending on whether that skin is oily, dry, or sensitive, for example.

Do you want clear skin?

People think the cleanser doesn’t really matter too much.  

However, choosing the right cleanser is imperative to clearing. Cleansers can be over drying, over stimulating, and over exfoliating. To determine how to best cleanse your face, consider the best facial cleanser for your skin type.

Choosing the Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Although it may be tempting to get that squeaky-clean feel when things like harsh soaps are used. These can disturb the barrier function of the skin, disrupting the acid mantle, stripping away your skin’s good oils and triggering the skin to increase oil production.

The skin doesn’t have the time to repair itself to these adverse irritating and unbalancing reactions between cleansing. It is thus of the most importance to find a cleanser that suits your skin.

Many cleansers contain pore clogging ingredients, so they are actually doing more harm than good for your skin. There are two body/hair washes we can recommend using that are both acne safe!

Two Body/Hair Cleansers

Mint~ea (mint/green tea)

The cool scent of peppermint and tea tree make this hair and body wash refreshing for the scalp and the skin. This makes a wonderful holiday gift for anyone in your life.

La~ther (our newest and most relaxing formula)

This relaxing shampoo & body wash is formulated with Lavender Essential Oil to soothe and calm as the stresses of the day are washed away. Safe for color-treated hair and for acne-prone skin.

This is a fan favorite!

Beach Beauty Bar Cleansers

Benz Cleanse — Great for back and chest acne, as it is a medicated cleanser.  We would suggest suds-ing it up and applying to your skin. Allow the product to sit for one minute so that the medication can actually be active on the skin.

Benz Cleanse is an acne cleanser with 2.5 % benzoyl peroxide for the face and body that penetrates pores to fight acne-causing bacteria. It also helps to unclog stubborn pores and keep pores from clogging.

Buffing Beads — Our favorite scrub of all time… This one should only be used on non-inflamed acne or on clear skin for an extra scrub-a-dub-dub. If you are clear and want to use a scrub once or twice a week, this gentle formula is perfect for you.

Buffing Beads is a gentle and hydrating facial scrub good for all skin types. Made with fine silica beads, it helps exfoliate dead skin cells, and also allows active treatment products to penetrate better.

Mandelic Wash — We only recommend this face wash for very oily skin. Medicated with mandelic acid helps with brightening. Mandelic Cleanser is recommended for people with skin prone to inflamed acne, folliculitis or hyperpigmentation.

This is a sulfate-free gel cleanser that works well on normal or oily skin types. And, it helps to gently clean and exfoliate without dehydrating the skin.

Go Gently – A great cleanser for everyone. Go Gently Foaming Cleanser develops into a soft, rich lather from a small amount mixed with water. This light and delicate gel provides a mild and gentle cleansing experience making it a great choice for anyone with aggravated or sensitive skin.

A Final Note

Skincare can be a constant struggle and may often seem like an uphill battle. However, when it comes to maintaining a radiant, healthy complexion, knowledge is power.

Knowing the answers to questions like, “How often should you wash your face?” and “Should you wash your face twice a day?” can give you the upper hand on your blemishes and breakouts.

Are you ready to go all in for clear skin?

Schedule your initial consultation & let us help you get started on your clear skin journey!

Cheers to Clear!


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